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Set in the heart of the East Midlands, Nottingham has come into its own over the last few years as a city that knows how to entertain and party until the early hours of the morning. For this reason, companies based in the area are in for a treat when it comes to planning their themed Christmas parties (and don't forget those in the summer either!). Though Nottingham used to be most famous for its history and tales of Robin Hood, the Nottingham nightlife is beginning to create a legend of its own! Nicknamed “The Queen of the Midlands” Nottingham used to be lace making and coal-mining city, but it has obviously modernised since those days. Anyway, as Christmas approaches, Nottingham gets into full swing during the festive season with the street lights, Christmas music, and the enchanting German Christmas Market in Old Market Square. No one will be able to resist the charm of this city!

Some of our more popular Nottingham Christmas parties include, Comedy office parties were guests get to have a seated meal and enjoy quality stand up sessions in between courses. Retro disco parties are also popular with the groovy 70’s being a particular favourite. Don’t thinks that’s all we do though: whatever your party style is, we’ve got more than enough for you to choose from!

Nottingham Shared Christmas Parties

Nottingham seems to love a good Prohibition party! So our shared Speakeasy events are always very popular. Plus, because it’s shared you’ll benefit from having a bigger scale event, with more new people to chat and network with, as well as being budget friendly. Of course we also offer other shared parties as well. For example, a Comedy Christmas party is a good alternative for those who don’t want a traditional event: it’s a sit down event with a stand-up comedy show that till help break the ice and get everybody laughing.

Nottingham Bespoke Christmas Parties

If you don’t fancy booking a pre-made shared party then you’ll be pleased to know that we also offer a bespoke service where you get to share your creative ideas and input with us. We’ll be able to talk theming with you, or you could come up with your very own theme! As part of the service we can also offer hotels rooms and transportation to the event for guests who need it, and each bespoke booking will be assigned a dedicated event planner. Want to know more? Then email us at  or call us on 01273 225 078 to speak to a member of the team.

The Most Popular Christmas Party Theme in Nottingham

In our experience Nottingham seems to be a mischievous city that loves a good party. So when the festive season hits we get requests for our roaring 20’s themed parties every year for both shared and bespoke bookings. Not that blame anyone: it’s a fun theme that really brings to live an age where the parties where big, gambling was rife and drinking was secretly all the rage. 

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