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A huge city steeped in history and ancient art. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and as a result of this; hundreds of tourists from all over come to visit this fine city for its unique architectural landscape and enjoyable nightlife. Effortlessly combining ancient elegance with modern sophistication, Edinburgh now boasts a diverse array of bars, restaurants and shops that could put London to shame.

During the winter season something magical happens in Edinburgh that’s unique to this city alone. The city lights up in a way that makes you feel like you’re in a snowy Christmas fairy tale, Christmas trees are put and decorated in all manner of splendour and there’s a feeling of cheer and joy in the air. Maybe this would explain why Edinburgh is one of our bestselling cities. Although our Glasgow Christmas parties are very popular in Scotland too! We have some very exciting and unusual parties in Edinburgh, so if you’re lucky enough to work in this great city then you get to choose from a variety! Romantic and mysterious masquerades to make you feel like you’re in ancient Venice, Classic pub buffets, cheeky Parisian themed parties that will have you saying “Oh la la!” faster than Santa can shoot down a chimney. We’ve got them all and a lot more, just have a look at our selection below…    

Edinburgh Shared Christmas Parties

Being such a big city, Edinburgh has plenty of variety and venues to accommodate all types of Christmas parties. The most popular probably being shared parties which are popular because there are so many of them and they tend to be more budget friendly for companies that have restricted party budgets.  Not that it effects the enjoyment of the actual party! Because it doesn’t! We’ve still got plenty of fantastic themes for you to choose from. Such as our Masquerade Casino Night with its fantastical décor and our Hollywood Nights party which sees guests getting glammed up and enjoying a night of feeling like celebrities.

Edinburgh Bespoke Christmas Parties

We love planning company Christmas parties and we love it when clients come to us for inspiration and ideas of their own. So we started our bespoke service which includes event exclusivity for those who book, and a dedicated event’s organiser to help you through the whole process. If the chosen venue is in a different town or out of the city centre we can always help you book hotels rooms and transfers to the event as well. Just call one of our party planners on 01273 225 078 if you want more information about our bespoke service.

Popular Christmas Party Themes in Edinburgh

Edinburgh loves a big themed party and you guys know how to party! So when it came to choosing the most requested themes we had a real tricky time deciding! However, after looking at our numbers, the most popular theme in Edinburgh was our Hollywood Nights party for its glitzy and glam appeal with the traditional Winter themed festive party following closing behind.

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