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Since being crowned the European “Capital of Culture”, investment has come into Liverpool and a rejuvenation of some of the nightspots has been seen, which is good news for Christmas party goers in the city. Liverpool has always been a bursting scene of night time activity and during the Christmas period, the party atmosphere gets kicked up a notch as offices in and around the city come out in full force to let their hair down, celebrate the past year of hard work and look forward to the Christmas holidays. 

Many of our customers in this area choose to either have a Christmas party in Manchester or in Leeds, as both cities are relatively close and both share the a similar exciting nightlife. They like to do things loud and fun up north and believe us when we say that the Christmas parties here follow the same mentality!  Big extravagant themed parties with larger than life decorations and lighting that will blow your mind – they really like to make an impression in Liverpool! Meaning that anyone lucky enough to celebrate the festive season in this fair city is in for more than treat! They’re in for an Eventa special Christmas celebration extravaganza!  

 Liverpool Shared Christmas Parties

Liverpool loves to party! Whether it’s on the weekend or in this case, during the festive period. This northern city loves to celebrate life with as many parties as possible. We always love organising parties in Liverpool and we try to make sure that you get as much variety as possible.  So when it comes to our shared parties we’ve got plenty for you to pick from. Some traditional Christmas parties or the more unusual party themes like our Party Under the Sea or Caribbean Christmas!

 Liverpool Bespoke Christmas Parties

 We understand that sometimes you don’t want to book a shared party. You want something private and something different and unique to your company. An option that is going to give you more creative freedom and a chance to really be involved and take ownership of your event. So to accommodate companies that want this option, we set up our Eventa bespoke party service! With this you get to pick a theme and customise it, or, you can come up with a theme from scratch! From the décor, to the meal, to the entertainment, we’ll dedicate an event planner to your account to help you all along the way. Plus if you need hotel rooms and transfers we can help source and book those for you too. Whatever your idea, we want to hear it! Just send us an email at enquire@eventa.co.uk or go to our contact page for more contact methods! 

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