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Nicknamed “The Steel City”, Sheffield is a city in the northern part of England situated in the South Yorkshire district. A major industrial player, the city is also acknowledged for its cosmopolitan aspect and wide open green spaces. This fact alone is quite unusual because unlike many other UK cities the trees outnumber the human population approximately three-to-one. Making Christmas in Sheffield a rather unique experience, especially when it snows! The combination of both nature and manmade structures covered in snow, glistening in the sunshine is rather marvellous. Anyway, Christmas here and the Christmas parties in general are equally as special as the local foliage if not more so! The local council really go out of their way to normally decorate and light out the city centre to make it as magical and festive as possible.

We also do our best to bring as much yuletide magic and cheer to the city by providing as many unique and fun looking Christmas packages and themed corporate parties as possible! Want a traditional party complete with tinsel, crackers and a cracking roast? Done. Want an exciting themed party that takes you and your co-workers to a new place? Also possible! Whatever you party you desire, chances are we can provide!

Sheffield Shared Christmas Parties

Private and exclusive office parties tend to be the more popular option here at Eventa but if your budget won’t allow for it then we also offer shared party options as well. These (as the name would state) are parties that you share with other companies – from the venue to the entertainment to the catering staff. The good news is that these events are more budget friendly as a result of this though!

Sheffield Exclusive Chirstmas Parties

These events are private which we find our clients always prefer as it gives everyone a chance to really bond and get to know some co-workers that perhaps they don’t normally get the chance to interact with. All our exclusive event bookings will also receive a designated event planner to their account. So you can relax knowing at you have a dedicated planner on your account who knows your budget and your needs.

I’ve found a party but I’d like to know more!

All you have to do is ring one of our party planners on 01273 225 078 to discuss the details such as budget or ideas (if you want something completely bespoke!) We’re also available via email as well, so whether you just have a question about the venue or want to have a full conversation about theming ideas and catering options – we’re always here to help!

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