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Formerly known as the “City of a 1000 Trades”, Birmingham is an industrial city that boasts a riotous nightlife and other than our London office Christmas parties, Birmingham is our second highest selling city. Affectionately called “Brum” by the locals, the city has enjoyed a resurgence over the years – respectfully casting off its dire, grey industrial image. This is mainly thanks to the local council who have concentrated on renovating the city’s architecture to make it more modern and up-to-date. Birmingham during Christmas is a glorious place to be! The city is decorated in twinkly lights and the festive cheer radiates off everyone and everything. The smell of hot chocolate from street hawkers makes you feel all warm and cosy inside – even if there’s soft, white snowing falling! If you’re lucky enough to work in this fine city, then rejoice because we have some absolutely fantastic Christmas parties on offer!

From boisterous fun to sophisticated celebrations, our Christmas parties in Birmingham offer everything from cosy restaurants, to venues with a more exclusive feel. So whether you want to be wearing party hats and singing along to chart music, or sipping champagne in a cocktail bar. You can be sure that your Birmingham office party will be one to remember!

Birmingham Shared Christmas Parties

We get more shared Christmas party bookings in Birmingham than we do anywhere else! Not that we’re surprised: Birmingham is a fantastically friendly place and the festive season is one of the best times to mingle and network with people from other companies. Our shared parties vary in type, so you can opt to go for a full sit down meal, complete with crackers and party hats or you can have a more stand and lounge type event with nibbles and cocktails. Whatever options you for we have a party for you and the best bit? Because they are shared, our shared Christmas parties in Birmingham are budget friendly and fantastic value.

Birmingham Bespoke Christmas Parties

We’ve been planning parties since 2009 and we love when we get bespoke requests! They give you so much more creative freedom and allow you to add those little touches that make your party unique to you. These also include necessary’s like organising hotel rooms for guests who need them and transport to the party (if needs be.) Bespoke events are also private to your company so you can really mingle and learn more about your co-workers. If you would like more information about our bespoke Christmas party offering in Birmingham then please call one our party planners on 01273 225 078.

Popular Christmas Party Themes in Birmingham

Local “Brummies” seem to like variety when it comes to a Birmingham Christmas party. This is evident by the various parties we’ve thrown over the years but for shared parties the cream of the crop seems to be the good old classic Christmas theme - in particular the Shared Christmas Buffet in Birmingham. One of our other popular shared parties is the Comedy Christmas. For those interested in bespoke parties our top requested themes in Birmingham are Masquerade and the Enchanted Christmas themes

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