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Despite being one of the largest urban areas in the country, Reading isn’t officially a city. But that doesn’t stop it from having the character of a city. Unlike much of the surrounding area, Reading hasn’t fell prey to the commuter town mentality that happens to many of the locations in the Home Counties around London. No, Reading has a distinct character of its own and that is one of the factors that has attracted so many large and prestigious companies to the area.

With all those companies, there’s a booming market for corporate events in Reading – where only the very best events will do. The Christmas party is an increasingly essential part of any team’s social calendar, and not just because it’s an excuse to have a party (although it is a pretty good one). The Christmas party is a way of showing how much you appreciate your team and all of their hard work. Eventa understands the importance of corporate events, and has the know-how to guarantee that your festive celebrations will truly be appreciated by all of your team.

Reading Shared Christmas Parties

Shared parties are great for the festive season because they do that most Christmas-y thing of all: bring people together. Your venue space is made up of various local teams which creates a bubbling, fizzing atmosphere that’s ideal for a festive event. And in a location like Reading, you’re certain to be sharing the space with some other notable companies, making your Christmas ideal for a little networking. Shared parties are great for teams that wouldn’t otherwise have the numbers to fill one of Reading’s larger venues.

Reading Exclusive Christmas Parties

If you want a party that is just that – yours – then exclusive is the way to go. You get a private party, and as you’re the only team in the venue you have much flexibility in terms of what your event looks like. To help create your perfect party package one of Eventa’s dedicated management team will work with you to work out what your idea of a Christmas party looks like. Once we’ve got a detailed brief, we get to work doing what we do best – planning parties!

It ensures that when the big day comes around, you can just turn and rest assured that everything’s been taken care of behind the scenes. You get to focus on having a good time – and taking credit for an incredible party of course.

Reading Themed Christmas Parties

Theming is incredibly popular in the Reading area. Theming is a great way to breathe life into the traditional Christmas party, to give it a fresh spin. And in Reading there is a huge range of themed packages that offer some truly beautiful production values. One of the most popular is the Christmas in Narnia package that takes inspiration from the C.S. Lewis novel to craft a Winter Wonderland that acts as the backdrop to your night, complete with Fauns and White Witches.

If you can’t find the right exclusive event below, then do contact us at 01273 225 078 or to discuss how we can create your perfect Christmas package.

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