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As the largest city in Scotland, Glasgow has plenty of people looking for that perfect company Christmas party (with Edinburgh Christmas parties following in a second!) So it's not a big surprise that there are some great venues and party packages to choose from! Over the years Glasgow has built up its reputation as a great location for a night out and as Christmas begins to creep in and the streets are decorated with lights, thousands come together on cold evenings in December to party the night away. Why not have a wander round the popular Christmas Market, set in St. Enoch Square to get you into the festive mood before heading to your Christmas party venue to boogie the night away? 

Speaking of office Christmas parties, we’ve got some cracking ones in Glasgow with lots of different themes to suit every type of office. We’ve got traditional themes that will make you feel the festive spirit and we’ve got slightly more unusual themes for companies who want to make their party stand out against the crowd. Whatever you choose, you’ll soon be experiencing a truly, fun-filled Christmas party that will have you and your co-workers talking about the event for months afterwards! 

Glasgow Exclusive Christmas Parties

When it comes to Christmas parties, Glasgow seems to love the glitz and glam of the Hollywood Christmas party theme which doesn’t surprise us: it’s a brilliant theme that’s a real crowd pleaser. It’s also one of our top exclusive company party themes! What makes exclusive parties so special? Well, it’s a private event just for your company (unlike shared parties that aren’t) which means that you’ll really be able to bond with everyone in your company.

Glasgow Shared Christmas Parties

Unlike our exclusive events, these shared company Christmas parties will mean that you’ll share the venue and entertainment with other local companies. This option is good if you’re restricted by budget or if you’re a very small company. It’s also a good option if you like of not only making your company party about bonding with your co-workers but also about networking with other companies as well.

I want to make my own custom office party, is that something you can help with?

Absolutely! We offer a bespoke party service where you get more creative freedom over the décor and theming of your event. It’s the option for company’s who really want to make their party special and unique to their brand. We’ll help find and book the venue, catering, entertainment and pretty much anything else you’d like. This also includes transport to the party and overnight stay for guests who need it. If this sounds like just what you’re after then please call our expert team on 01273 225 078 or email us at enquire@eventa.co.uk.

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