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Hidden away in the far reaches of the north east is the infamous party city of Newcastle. With (arguably) one of the most beautiful streets in the world – Grey Street it’s not hard to see why so many flock to Newcastle for its diverse culture and stunning architecture. The city itself has a long standing reputation for excellent nightlife and the fun loving locals so you can almost guarantee that hosting a festive themed office party in this city is going to be no shy affair! Considered to be a compact, attractive and friendly city, celebrating Christmas in Newcastle (actually celebrating anything in Newcastle) can range from a smart cocktail party in a modern venue with guests dressed in suits and sophisticated dresses. To full-on crazy disco themed office parties with attendees donning sequined platforms and bright shiny jumpsuits circa 1972! Whatever your taste, we can cater to it: Christmas time in the city is a magical experience that deserves an equally enchanting office party to celebrate it by!

Newcastle Exclusive Christmas Parties

Without a doubt the best way to party in Newcastle this Christmas is by booking a fabulous exclusive Christmas party for your company. Doing this means that your party will be personal and private so you won’t have to share space with any other external guests. Also, with every exclusive Eventa party booking, we assign one of our own dedicated event planners to manage and oversee your event. That way you’ll have one point of contact who really understands your wants, needs and ideas, so you can relax in the knowledge that everything is being taken of – by a planner who understands you.

Newcastle Shared Christmas Parties

For companies who are restricted to a budget, we’ve got a selection of shared office parties that will suit every company size and style and because you’ll be sharing the venue and entertainment with other companies, the general cost is lower than that of an exclusive or bespoke event. As for the actual parties, we’ve got some different themes to choose from but if you’re looking for more of a unique and varied theme then we recommend going down the bespoke Christmas party route. For more information just email one of our party planners!

Can I make my own Christmas party theme?

Yes! This is our bespoke party service, and it provides more creative freedom and flexibility for our clients who really want to make their event unique and special. The best thing to do is to call us on 01273 225 078 to go through your ideas and budget with us. That way we can look into everything and give you a quote for your event. We can source everything from the venue, entertainment, catering, transport and even overnight accommodation for guests who need it. We’ll also assign you a dedicated events planner to monitor, plan and oversee every aspect of your event so you can rest assured knowing that everything is being handled by someone who knows exactly what you want out of your company event.


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