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A strong contender for England’s most beautiful small city, Bath has a knockout combination of historic splendour and a good-time attitude. The Romans put it on the map 2000 years ago when they built their public bathhouses on its natural hot springs. People came here to socialize and ease away the stresses of the daily grind – a bit like an Eventa Christmas party!

The 18th century was Bath’s heyday, when the grand Georgian buildings of The Royal Crescent and The Circus were built to house all the fashionable folk who came here to see and be seen. The grand architecture of this time sets the tone of the city to ‘splendid’ and ensures that any event here is a cut above.

There are picturesque scenes everywhere you look, from ancient cobbled alleys to historic chapels and buzzing modern streets. On the southern edge of the city, you’ll find walks with heart-melting views at the Bath Skyline Walk and Prior Park Landscape. At Christmas time, the views are especially pretty, when the festive lights sparkle and there’s a frosty glow on the rooftops.

Bath today attracts lots of visitors looking for recreation, fun and fine food and drink on their visit to this gem of a city. We work with trusted venues and suppliers to bring you the best in Bath dining and entertainment on your all-important Christmas bash. 

Bath Exclusive Christmas parties

If you want to design your own party and put on a do just for your company, choose an exclusive Christmas party in Bath. This means you don’t have to share the space with other groups – it’s your own private event, which we can create as a bespoke experience, tailored to your requirements. We can customize your event with theming and different food and drink options. One of our Account Managers will work with you to make sure you have a made-to-measure Christmas party that ticks all the boxes for a great staff night out that rounds of the year with a bang! You can expect excellent food, and a stylish event that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

Bath Shared Christmas parties

If you’re up for a bigger bash, and like the idea of mingling with other companies, a shared Christmas party in Bath could be the event for you. This is a popular option for small-to-medium-sized teams who want benefit from the high production values and incredible venues of our exclusive events, while sharing the experience and the costs with other teams.  You might even find it turns into a networking opportunity, but the main point of the event is having a good time and rewarding your staff for their work throughout the year.

Bath Themed Christmas parties

Themed parties are a sure way of raising the fun factor in your Christmas party, and getting everyone excited and involved before the event even starts. Colleagues can prepare their themed outfits to make sure they’re looking slick on the big night. To discuss your theme, your venue and any other aspect of your Christmas party, feel free to email in to or fill in the form below to be put in touch with the perfect Christmas party venue in Bath.

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