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Benefits of Team Building?

  • Improve morale and leadership skills
  • Develop problem solving abilities
  • Stimulate decision making
  • Improve teamwork, communication and relationships
  • Instigates changes you can expect to experience back in the workplace
  • Goal setting

Why Eventa?

  • We work across the country with our network of venues, and have the industry know-how to deliver hugely successful team building events
  • You’ll receive a dedicated Account Manager whose personal and friendly approach will help find the right event for you and your company
  • Our event management team will stay with you until the day of your event to ensure a seamless team-building experience
  • Your event will be purely bespoke, and tailored to your team’s particular needs


It’s a simple fact that the team that works best together will deliver the best results. And this is where team-building events come in. Now of course, you can try to run your own event, although without experience this can often end up being unintentionally David Brent-ish. For a great team building event, its best left to the experts. At Eventa we know how to build great team building events. We understand that every company is unique, with their own objectives that must be taken into account. This is why every one of our events is purely bespoke and will be unique to your company and its goals. However we believe that there are three key aspects for any team building event to be a success. To entertain, to educate and to engage.

Events that Entertain…

When people hear about team-building, they might get images of awkward 'away-days'. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Today there’s always a huge amount of focus on enjoyment and fun. The reasons for this are many. On a simple level, it’s because we work better, learn better and develop more when we’re happy.  And at Eventa we will ensure that all of our events have a fun aspect. For a team building event like Crystal Maze, keeping the focus on fun keeps the competitive nature of the event healthy. Or to explore your cultured side an event like Wine Tasting may be work you, keeping things fun while working as an excellent ice-breaker to facilitate team bonding.

Events that Educate…

When it comes to clients enquiring with Eventa, the conversation often goes down the same route. “We are looking to run a team building event.” The client says, probably the most common enquiry we get. The question that we ask in return is “Why?” And often the client doesn’t have an answer. Most clients don’t really know why their team isn’t functioning as they might hope. But at Eventa we will give a specific focus to your event. By doing this, working with you to find that key aspect, we directly find why you need a team building event – and then get started working on that. Without an educational aspect, your team building event can be aimless. But with one, you can target specific issues. Whether that’s improving problem solving with a Murder Mystery, or using a Treasure Hunt to bond departments – education is a key aspect.

Events that Engage…

Engagement is utterly key. If a team building event is only entertaining, it will fail to engage with the core purpose of the event. If an event is only educational, it might fail to engage with your team and be rendered pointless. At Eventa we realise the importance of engagement, so we will work to ensure that your team building event will be one that works. After all if an event isn't effective, then what’s the point?

Working with Eventa!

If a team-building is right for you, you can browse through some of the below suggestions for inspiration. If nothing there seems right for you then we still recommend that you contact one of our dedicated event organisers. We can offer you impartial advice about your team building event.

At Eventa we specialise in bespoke events, because we know that a ‘one-size fits all’ approach just doesn’t work. For your event to be a success it has to be tailored to your particular needs. Due to our industry knowledge and contacts across the country, we can make nearly anything happen (and we love a challenge). We can arrange you a Treasure Hunt in London through the day that sees you dashing through the streets, and then an evening soiree in the City to relax with some canapés and cocktails as a reward for all your hard work. And the best part of working with Eventa? You get the credit for your amazing experience!


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Outdoor Events

Outdoor events

Getting teams out of the office into a motivating and competitive activity can enthuse and inspire teamwork behaviour!

Indoor Events

Outdoor events

Indoor team building activities can offer an all-weather option and be just as rewarding for your employees.

Evening Events

Evening Events

We can plan events at all times. So stretch your activities through the day into the evening. Team-building doesn't stop when the sun goes down.

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