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Often referred to as “London-by-the-sea” Brighton is a young, vibrant and charming city that’s unique as it is fun. Situated by the sea, Brighton is a great location for office parties both in the summer and in the winter. Not that the neighbouring city of London isn’t (we have some unique and exciting Christmas parties in London on our website too!)  However Brighton has undeniable charisma that both the locals and tourists find incredibly alluring. At Christmas time, the council make a real effort to decorate the city in magical lights which really helps to bring out the friendly bohemian spirit of Brighton. When it snows the beach looks like a seaside winter wonderland with the waves lapping gently at the snow covered beach, whilst the colourful beachside stalls hibernate till summer rolls round again.

Its vibrant nightlife remains strong even in the cold and both in town and along the seafront there is plenty of fun to be had on a night out with your colleagues. From the boisterous scene of West Street to the independent nightspots of the North Lane area, it won't be difficult to put together an evening of entertainment for your office Christmas party. Plus because Eventa is based in Brighton, we can use our local knowledge to tailor a unique event just for you!

Brighton Shared Christmas Parties

Brighton is considered to be a friendly place and so having a shared party in this seaside city is a great choice: there’s so much variety and so many different themes! Plus, because it’s close to other big places like London, Eastbourne and Worthing, etc. Brighton makes for a great place for those neighbouring cities to have their company parties! Not to mention the various themes we have like, the classic Winter Wonderland theme or (for those who like the less conventional) you could try something quirky like our Faulty Towers festive meal experience.

Brighton Bespoke Christmas Parties

If you’re planning on throwing a Brighton bespoke party then you’re in for treat: we’re based in Brighton, so we know all the best local venues, suppliers and entertainment in the area. Besides, we’re not ashamed to say that we love creating a bespoke party from scratch. It gives our clients more creative freedom to plan a party and theme. Not to mention adding the little touches to your event that make it unique to your company. If this sounds something you’d like then call one of our expert party planners on 01273 225 078

Popular Christmas Party Themes in Brighton

Brighton is a colourful and vibrant place that loves to dance. So it’s no surprise that our most popular party theme is disco and live music parties! Saying that, the runner up themes are also worth a mention too because they just missed the top spot by a smidge. They being our 007 Casino Soirée which sees guests living it up Casino Royale style or any of our Beachside Christmas parties which (as you can guess from the name) take place right near famous Brighton beach!

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