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Even more so than London, Portsmouth is the country’s most densely populated area. And what this means is that there’s a huge number of companies in the area. Corporate events are becoming essential for companies – a way to make your team feel valued, and to have a great time. And in Portsmouth, Christmas parties are a huge market. Perhaps it’s due to the huge range of incredible venues across the city.

Portsmouth is a city that’s utterly shaped by its maritime heritage. Henry VIII named it the home of the Royal Navy, and since then it’s featured in the Navy’s long and storied history. Perhaps most famously it was where Admiral Nelson sailed from ahead of the Battle of Trafalgar, and to this day it is where Nelson’s flagship the HMS Victory is still moored, making it the world’s oldest naval ship still in commission. This has left Portsmouth with a distinct heritage, and many of its venues reflect that heritage. This makes them ideal for a traditional Christmas parties as you walk on the same floorboards as centuries of naval officers. However, Portsmouth also does modern very well. The rejuvenation of Portsmouth Harbour is best embodied by the Spinnaker Tower, which now dominates the skyline and enjoys unparalleled views of the Harbour. On the Harbour itself, Gunwharf Quays is covered in stylish bars, all of which offer an intimate experience, and are ideal for partying until the early hours. There’s something for everyone in Portsmouth this festive season.

Portsmouth Shared Christmas Parties

With the plethora of companies based in Portsmouth, a shared festive party can be a fantastic proposal. Your chosen venue space is shared with other companies, and it creates a vibrant, happening atmosphere. Besides having an in-built party atmosphere, a shared party is ideal for smaller teams who still want to see some of the more spectacular venues in Portsmouth – which may have slightly higher minimum numbers. Below are a selection of our shared parties, but to keep checking in up until the festive season truly begins as more and more venues will confirm their details with us.

Portsmouth Exclusive Christmas Parties

For the larger companies out there an exclusive event may be the way to go. You’re afforded a higher level of creative freedom, to go with your private access to the venue. At Eventa, we’re much more than just a venue-finding service, and for all our Exclusive events we also provide bespoke event management. This means a dedicated member of our team will be with from the day you contact us at enquire@eventa.co.uk or 01273 225 078. Your event organiser will build a package that guarantees the party you want. This means sourcing catering, music, and more. If you want a magician, we arrange that. If you want a glass of champagne to greet you on arrival, we can do that. It’s all about giving you a party fully tailored to your specification, and a party that guarantees the maximum return on your investment in us.

Summer Parties in Portsmouth

As you can imagine, watching the sun kiss the Solent is a truly spectacular sight. And it’s only one of the delights that belongs to Portsmouth in summer. At Eventa, we don’t just arrange Christmas events, we can also arrange team-building days, or summer events. So, if you have a corporate event of any sort, contact a member of our team today and we can start making that event a reality!

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