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Arranging the Christmas party can be a stressful time for business owners, which is why we’re here to help. Whether you prefer a themed party, budget friendly shared celebration, or are looking for a bespoke ball, Eventa are proud to boast a team of passionate people, excited about arranging your event.
We're always sourcing new suppliers, entertainers and venues, so not only will you have tons of ideas to choose from, we also keep themes fresh every year.

Shared Christmas Parties

Shared Christmas Parties
  • Small groups coming together in one Christmas party venue
  • The atmosphere of a large party at a fraction of the cost
  • Hosted by some of the country’s most exciting venues
  • Lower minimum numbers

Exclusive Christmas Parties

Exclusive Christmas Parties
  • Exclusive hire of event space for you and your guests
  • Choose from a selection of inspiring ready-made parties
  • Customise your party with additional entertainment options
  • Helping you find the perfect party package

Christmas Party Ideas

Bespoke Christmas Parties
  • Find inspiration for your office Christmas party this year
  • Let Eventa help you choose the perfect venue
  • With locations all over the UK, you'll be sure to find your perfect theme
  • From Alice in wonderland to Rio carnival, there’s a theme to suit all tastes


Shared Christmas Parties

With over 80+ locations and hundreds of parties to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect Christmas party.

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Christmas Parties by Eventa

What does Christmas mean to you? From the first day in January to the last day in December, not a single day goes by where we're not dreaming of mince pies, planning our festive wrapping paper or writing our wish list to Santa. So it's pretty safe to say we’re passionate about what we do! Because here at Eventa we love Christmas, which is why your party is in good hands.

The office Christmas party is a tradition looked forward to by many and is a great way to say thank you to your staff for all their hard work over the year. Whether you’re looking for an exclusive fully themed extravaganza, a table at an awe inspiring shared party where you can mingle with other groups or a selection of Christmas party venues where your staff can enjoy nibbles and a few drinks - we’ve got it covered! Working closely with the most trusted and respected venues and suppliers, you’re safe in the knowledge that your party is going to be one to remember. 

We believe in high quality Christmas parties

As we mentioned before, we love Christmas parties and we’ve made it our business to turn that love into a successful and professional event sourcing business that has been running for over five years. We have a dedicated and experienced in-house team consisting of Product executives, Venue sourcers and a Head of corporate events who are all excited and keen to help you plan the perfect corporate event.  

Throughout the year we always keep abreast of any new event industry trends and we take great care in making sure that our current suppliers, entertainers and venues always provide the level of excellence that we believe our clients deserve. Also, we’re continuously looking to source new suppliers, entertainers and venues for our website; ensuring that our themes and offerings are new, fun and fresh every year.

Types of Christmas parties we offer at Eventa 

Here at Eventa, we have several different options that you might not be aware of. There are shared parties which, as the title implies, is a Christmas party that your company will share with other attending companies. This option is normally a more budget friendly option than having your own exclusive event and is an excellent way for your employees to network and mingle with other companies. However, exclusive events give your employees a chance to really bond with each other, as well as providing you with the opportunity to add your own personal touches and branding which will truly bring the event to life. 

Best time to book a Christmas party

If you want to book the perfect Christmas party then it really is best to book early, particularly if you plan to have party exclusivity. We recommend calling us in the summer months.  Now we know that sounds early, especially when it’s BBQ season and sunny, and we know that during the summer, Christmas events are the last thing most people think about but it really is the best time to book: you get first pick of all the new packages and themes. Long story short, the sooner you book, the more choice you'll have and the more perfect your party will be!

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