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Commuter town can sometimes be a dirty word. Used for when the urban sprawl of London gets a little more sprawl-y and takes over yet another charming town, transforming it into yet another generic location outside the city, used for sleeping and… not much else. But somehow Weybridge has avoided falling into that trap. It’s retained all of its original character, with beautiful local Georgian buildings around every corner. Surrounded by the Surrey countryside and full of unique venue spaces, it makes for a delightful location for a Christmas event. When (and if) we get a white Christmas, Weybridge is transformed. The snow makes it look like an artist’s inspiration for a Christmas card!

A huge number of Surrey based companies and those in South London head out to Weybridge for their festive events. Perhaps this is due to the prestige of Weybridge, its home to the wealthy and famous, and is the location of the UK’s first gated community at St. Georges Hill – meaning that there is a level of prestige in Weybridge, which is reflected in the quality of hospitality. Or perhaps it’s the choice of unique venues, Weybridge enjoys a rich aviation and motoring heritage, and this is reflected in the unique spaces such as museums – which provide a Christmas party full of character.

Shared Christmas Parties Weybridge

Shared, or joiner parties are becoming an increasingly popular way to hold the annual Christmas party. They offer you a lot more bang for your buck and are ideal for smaller or medium sized teams who still want an extravagant party. The way a shared party works is that you share the event space with other companies and teams. And, due to being in a prime business hotspot like Weybridge, you can also benefit from an unparalleled networking opportunity.

Bespoke Christmas Parties Weybridge

For larger teams, or smaller venues, an exclusive hire may be what’s right for you and your team. Not only do you get exclusive access to your venue, but one of Eventa’s dedicated team will work with you to create a bespoke Christmas party in Weybridge. We don’t think that a one size fits all approach works for parties, so we’ll construct an event that’s tailored to you and your team. We look at your budget, your company culture and countless other factors to get you a party that’s just right for you.

Themed Christmas Parties Weybridge

You’d be correct in thinking that theming can be an essential part of a party. And as we’ve been organising events since 2009 we’ve been able to develop a network of resources across the country. This means that we can bring the theming to you. Oftentimes if you’re interested in theming, it’s about looking at the venue as a blank page. A surface onto which we can drape popular themes like Alice in Wonderland or Alpine Ski Lodge. To discuss your event, and whether you want theming or not then please contact one of our expert account managers at either 01273 225 078 or enquire@eventa.co.uk.

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