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From the rolling hills and waters of the Lake District to the bustling streets of Manchester, there’s a quality in the air. There’s character in the North West. The people are a different breed. There is one thing that they share with Eventa though, in that they both love a good party! Since our inception in 2009 we’ve been throwing fantastic Christmas parties across the region, with a lot of happy clients!


The importance of corporate events is easy to see. It’s a singular event that says a big thank you to your team. A fantastic example is the Christmas party. Your team are shown how appreciated they are, and how valued they are to the company. And of course, it’s a great reason to have a fantastic party! A selection of our Christmas packages – both shared and exclusive can be found below in locations across the North West.


Trying to fit the long and storied history of the North West into only a few sentences is a nearly impossible task. And how does it apply to your Christmas party? Well the North West is perhaps best known for its essential role in the Industrial Revolution. Manchester and Liverpool in particular were both hubs of the change in times that led to the world changing.


The industrial revolution was a time of upheaval and much of it can still be seen across the cities in the North West. And in terms of your Christmas Party? It means that there is a plethora of venues with a distinctly North West character that are ideal for your festive event. Whether it’s a hall on Liverpool docks or a converted Paper Mill in Chester – these venues at a sense of grandeur to any event, which seems fantastically suited to the festive season.


Outside of London, by far our most popular location is Manchester. And it’s easy to see why. Recent investment has seen Manchester grow into England’s second city, and it’s one that knows how to party. The North Quarter is full of quirky, modern bars that provide fantastic backdrops to intimate events, and central Manchester has numerous iconic spaces that are transformed over the festive season into Christmas wonderlands.


Outside of Manchester, Liverpool has a tremendous number of fantastic venues, representative of its status as a cultural hub in the area. If you’re based even further north, then the Lake District opens up a world of possibility. Some of our very favourite venues are based in the Lake District where your event has one of the most spectacular backdrops in the country as you overlook the lakes.

The Christmas party can be broken down into two categories. Shared and exclusive. Shared parties, as you may expect, are where the venue is shared with other teams. And in a location like North West, this gives you a fantastically friendly atmosphere of local companies to celebrate Christmas with. For the more business savvy amongst you, you may have noticed that this also provides a fantastic opportunity for some networking – just make sure to get that done before too many visits to the bar.


If you’re after an event that is truly yours. Then exclusive is the way. You and your team get private access to your chosen venue, and as you’re the only team in attendance, your package is fully customisable. From the small touches like presentation all the way through to the big stuff like catering and entertainment, your night is fully bespoke. To help you source the perfect venue for your Christmas party, feel free to email us via, we realise that every company is different and unique and we’re eager to get started on your unique Christmas party.


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