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Treasure Hunts

Benefits of Treasure Hunt

  • Uses GPS technology for a modern, interactive team-building experience
  • Work as a team while competing against other teams
  • Totally adaptable to any city
  • Can be adapted to a variety of purposes such as problem solving, encouraging creativity, reinforcing company values and team-bonding


Not everyone loves the revelations of the technological revolution. Where everyone spends their time staring at screens, whether it’s on computers, laptops, tablets or phones. But at Eventa we think it’s a great thing, it brings people together and it also allows us to run incredible events such as our Treasure Hunt team building events. We don’t use technology for technology’s sake, it allows us to prioritise client experience and give a more interactive team building experience. We’ve taken the traditional treasure hunt and updated it with fresh technology, using tablets for GPS maps, photo and video challenges, and more. This makes our treasure hunts suitable to any location. If your team don’t want to have to leave the city for a team-building event, then a treasure hunt is ideal as we bring the event to you. All events are unique to their location, no two look the same.

Eventa and team-building

At Eventa, we build events focused around two main concepts. First, our events have to be fun. Teams that are happy are more motivated and produce their best work. But we also understand that team-building events have to build teams and they have to have a purpose. Oftentimes our clients will come to us with only a vague idea of what they want to do. That’s why we’ll work with you to discover your team’s problem, so we’re better positioned and can deliver a solution.

Team building goals in Treasure Hunts

Treasure Hunt events are especially good as they can be adapted to numerous team-building purposes. With a treasure hunt there’s a level of competitiveness as you try to race across the map faster than other teams, there’s also a level of problem solving as you put your skills to the test answering trivia questions. Furthermore these questions can be fully bespoke, which is ideal if you’re trying to reinforce company values or emphasise the message of a conference.

There is huge variety in the treasure hunt format. A few of the more popular packages are included below.

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