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Icebreakers and Energisers

Kick off your event or beat the post-lunch blues with something different, this year! There’s nothing like energising activities to break the ice at your annual conference or away day, as we’ll inject enthusiasm into your team with stimulating collaborative challenges. 

Whether you’re looking for a short burst of energy to disrupt the routine or something with a bit more duration, we will find an activity that perfectly accommodates your needs and aims. Our energisers can take place at any venue across the UK and at any time, either at the start, middle or end of your day, to give your team a break between heavier sessions.

Adding an icebreaker to your event can help tear down barriers within your team, facilitating communication between your employees, while getting their blood pumping in preparation for the next set of presentations. So, let your hair down for a few minutes and let us infuse a bit of extra fun into your day!

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