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Activity Days

Benefits of Activity Days

  • Get into the great outdoors to breathe fresh energy into your team with an Activity Day team building event
  • Enjoy one of a huge range of activities that get adrenaline pumping such as motorised sports or country pursuits events
  • Days of fun and friendly competition suitable for all abilities
  • Use competition and problem solving to help communication skills, team bonding and team spirit

Activity Days. They’re one of the very most popular Team Building activities. And it’s easy to see why. You and your team get out of the office and into the great outdoors, and the benefits are much, much more than just the fresh air. Activity days are an excellent method to work on a number of aspects of team-building.

At Eventa, we believe in Team Building that actually builds teams – that’s why Eventa’s expert event organisers will work with you from the first day to find the perfect exercise that will be effective in helping your team. The first step is often the most important one when it comes to planning a team-building activity, by figuring out what challenges your team faces. Our team will work with you to discover these issues, and then we can get started on planning your event.

Our unrivalled resources and relationships with venues across the UK means we’re able to bring a variety of activity days to wherever you and your team are located. Below are a selection of our activity day packages, to give you an idea of what your day could look like. But at Eventa, we guarantee that all of our events are bespoke. This means that your event organisers will work with you, find out your objectives, your budget, your numbers and countless other factors to provide you with the event that is guaranteed to be a success, because it’s tailored to your specific needs.

Motorised Sports

Motorised sports may seem better suited to a Stag party than a team-building day, with the mud, the cars and the racing for first place. In fact, a well-structured event has huge benefits for a team building event. Motorised sports come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. For example Rebel Buggies are built to blend speed, power and control as you head off road to take on the terrain – and your colleagues. Taking on technical circuits in practice and timed laps fosters a healthy level of competition between colleagues as they compete to be king (or queen) of the road. Whereas Rebel Buggies are more the ‘classic’ style of motorised sport, we can also offer something different. Blind Driving is an incredible event that tests trust and communication skills, you have to guide your blindfolded driver across an off-road obstacle course – or if you’re the driver, you have to rely on your colleagues and trust their navigation to see you safely to the finish line. As well as building competition, trust and communication – it goes without saying but Motorised Sports events are some of the very most fun events we run, as you get to handle powerful vehicles in the outdoors.

Country Pursuits

Take some time, get out of the city and partake in Country Pursuits. You can enjoy a variety of relaxed, informative and - most of all – fun activities throughout the day. You can try your hand at events such as clay shooting, axe throwing and even archery – to separate out the Robin Hoods from the rest. One of the best things about country pursuits is that they’re hugely adaptable, whether you just want to have some fun across a variety of activities or ramp up the competitive side!

And away from the shooting sports there are some really fun activities we can include as part of your country pursuits day. Duck herding is a really quirky event that always goes down a storm. You and your sheep-dogs (or duck-dogs) are tasked with guiding ducks around a course then back into their pens. It’s much harder than it looks! And it’s also a fantastic team-building activity that develops problem solving, learning and co-operating on a project.

Working with Eventa

 For a long time the focus of a successful business is on strengthening the team. Improving efficiency, morale and team-work ultimately leads to long term success. At Eventa, our approach to team building takes in personnel theory, working on your team’s specific goals and delivering activities that work towards those goals. We can work across the country with the below packages, but if you have your own ideas for how you’d like your day to look then do contact a member of our team.

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