Finishing touches for your garden party

There’s nothing quite like gathering your friends and family together in the warmer weather and enjoying a garden party at home. Think succulent BBQ food, tasty and refreshing cocktails, hilarious games and of course, some all-round brilliant company and you’re guaranteed the perfect afternoon and evening. You’ve probably got all the essentials ready for the party, but how about adding some fun and vibrant accessories to your party for those finishing touches? We’ve listed our favourite accessory ideas that everyone will love, so get ready for some serious garden party inspiration!

Large Glass Dispenser

These large glass drink dispensers are brilliant for parties – create your own party punch, make large quantities of cocktails or how about creating your very own supply of Primm’s? We recommend purchasing a couple and having a non-alcoholic option in addition to an alcoholic offering so you’ve got something special for the non-drinkers too!


Fun Plates and Napkins

Who needs standard white paper plates and napkins when you can jazz things up with colourful patterned outdoor dining accessories? We love these quirky flaming plates and napkins which teamed together make a fun and striking party table. These bright designs feature tropical leaves and watercolour-look flamingo design making them ideal for a spring or summer garden party.


Plastic Cocktail Glasses and Cups

It’s always sensible to have non-breakable items of crockery for your garden party, but if you want something a bit more exciting than a standard and plain paper cup, then how about some reusable plastic cocktail glasses and cups? Your cocktails and drinks will feel that much tastier drinking out of something more stylish and you’ll be doing your bit to help the planet by not throwing them away!



We love a piñata here at Eventa and so will you and all of your party guests. A piñata is a great party game for outside, especially if there’s children present. Everyone will take it in turns to whack the piñata in the hope of it breaking open and spilling out its stash of sweet treats. It’s plenty of fun for both kids and adults!



If you’re going for a shabby chic meets bake-off garden party theme, then you absolutely must have some colourful bunting hanging to give it that authentic feel. If you’ve got time, then you could have a go at creating your own on the sewing machine or alternately you could just buy them and save yourself the job. Whatever you choose to do, you know that they’ll look great and is the ideal decoration to finish off your party look!


Photo Booth Props

Obviously, there’s going to be plenty of photos taken during the evening and if you want to create some amusing memories, then make sure you purchase some photo booth props for your garden event. You don’t actually need to have a photo booth at your party, you can just use them to create plenty of ‘lol’ moments which you’ll be able to capture!



Outdoor Party Lighting

Outdoor lighting really does set the scene for continuing the party into the evening once the sun’s gone down. It’s a beautiful way to give your garden the sparkle it deserves and is an effective way of providing the ideal amount of light for your guests. The great news is that it doesn’t matter how big or small your outdoor area is – whether you’ve got a courtyard garden that’s on the smaller side of things or a bigger garden that features large and tall trees, there’s something out there for every garden.


If you’re looking to plan a corporate summer party, then look no further than our great selection and give your team a fantastic summer treat!