Balotelli To Organise City’s Manchester Christmas Parties

They say that you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the papers and in no walk of life is this more true than with the footballing world. Reports this week have suggested that Manchester City forward Mario Balotelli, renowned for crashing cars, driving into women’s prisons and throwing darts at youth team players, is thinking about ways to factor in Manchester Christmas Parties to his team’s way of thinking.

The notoriously mischievous 21-year-old Italian has supposedly volunteered for the job of 2011 Christmas party planner and the news has some of his team mates worried. Given his past exploits you’d be forgiven for thinking that leaving this young man in charge of organising a party for players and staff is about as sensible as asking Wayne Rooney to chair a meeting at the Fair Play League, but we’ve got some foolproof suggestions as to how Mario can make his Manchester Christmas party the smoothest-running, most fun festive event he and his colleagues could hope for.

With money no object for City’s vast pockets of wealth we needn’t examine any budget options. The best Christmas party Manchester City style would have to be a little extravagant. The Masquerade Ball, being held a short drive from the team’s Etihad Stadium home, would be most appropriate for Mario and the gang.

Provided with elegant masks in the style of a Shakespearean Venetian soiree, Mario could get up to all kinds of cheekiness in the comfort of anonymity. He could flavour the punch with additional booze, place Whoopie Cushions on seats or even, according to Who Ate All The Pies, book the Christmas party at the same venue and on the same date as fierce rivals Manchester United’s Supporters’ Club Annual Dinner. Known to enjoy fine dining, Mario would glow with joy when laying eyes upon the feast before him.

If the old chap is still thinking about Christmas parties then he best get in touch post haste; availability is running low in our key locations, with Manchester being one of our most popular. And to all of you lot, keep an eye out at your Manchester Christmas party, for you may just spot a famous footballer lurking about!

Airport Extension For Newcastle Christmas Party Season

A £3.2m extension aimed at both expediting customers’ passage through the city’s airport and experience of arriving in the North East could be ready in time for a season of exciting Christmas parties Newcastle style, it has been revealed. The work, including the addition of extra baggage search lanes and a refurbishment of the pier housing the airport’s departure and arrival gates, commences early next month and will go a long way towards improving passengers’ immediate perception of the region. Bright, spacious departure and arrival gates will create a picturesque, inviting first port of call.

Now, we here at Eventa aren’t ones to shy away from thinking up new and innovative ways to experience your company Christmas party and upon hearing about the planned extension at the gateway to one of our favourite Christmas party destinations we decided to get in on the act. Of course local companies have no excuse when it comes to enjoying festive events such as To Russia With Love, Murder Mystery and Stars On Stages on their doorstep, but we reckon that small companies based as far away as the South of England should perhaps consider a Christmas party Newcastle style this year! For the same price as a Christmas party in London, you could all hop on a plane and be on Tyneside in under and hour. Having undergone a huge series of regeneration projects, the city centre is starting to look as swish as its airport with a ground-breaking portfolio of interesting Christmas party venues, clubs, pubs and restaurants to enjoy.

The aforementioned To Russia With Love event is certainly one of those Christmas parties to go the distance for. Set amongst grand settings, guests enjoy their Christmas dinner surrounded by a mock-up of the Tsar’s palace and are entertained by Cossack sword dancers, fire eaters and aerial trapeze artists. Once all the fun and festivities are over, the city has a wealth of high quality hotels in which to rest weary legs before hot-footing it back to the South the next day. Get involved!

Nottingham Christmas Parties Set To Go Al Fresco In 2011

Nottingham city council have announced a rather cunning way of promoting a more Al Fresco drinking and dining culture this year. Temporary removal of parking bays and the narrowing of the road way to three metres will allow restaurants and bars space to set up more tables and chairs outside their establishments. Planters will then keep customers separated from the flow of traffic. Spearheaded by councillor Jane Urquhart, the scheme was designed to promote a more ‘European outdoor cafe culture’ and to ‘benefit the whole area’. What a marvellous idea indeed!

We here at Eventa have always been fans of breaking with tradition and have gotten a real taste for Christmas parties held outdoors of late. Under the comfort and warmth generated by roaring patio heaters, we’ve enjoyed scorching rooftop events in London and Manchester, quite often with a barbecue or two in tow. And now Nottingham Christmas parties are set to follow the council’s lead and get in on the act. Well, kind of.

Perhaps inspired by the carnival atmosphere in evidence at events such as the local Goose Fair and Bonfire Night displays, Festive and Fabulous arrives in University Park under the cover of a giant circus tent. Spotlights illuminate the Christmas party structure and shine up into the night sky. Whoever was in charge of brainstorming Christmas party ideas for this one has come up trumps with fairground stalls, Costumed Stilt Walkers and Creatures, Professional Dance Routines and aerial silk artists creating an immensely unique Christmas party vibe.

We can reveal that we are to begin working closely once more with the Kensington Roof Gardens in London, a luscious outdoor space in the heart of the capital that will be available for a superb Christmas party in 2011. Expect warming glasses of mulled wine and charcoal-roasted turkey served under those welcoming outdoor heaters, keeping out the Christmas chill perfectly.

Christmas Party Venues Revel In Attention To Detail

There was a time (a dark, dark time, may we add) when Christmas party venues would be content to simply lay out tables, clear space for a dance floor, stick up a bit of tinsel and call it a Christmas party. Nowadays thankfully venues up and down the country, even those throwing events on a shoestring for groups with smaller budgets, are fully aware of the importance of this once-yearly party and have been going to great lengths in insuring that every last detail is seen to. From elaborate table centres, lighting themes and props through to the choices of food, drink and entertainment, nothing is skimmed over. This trend has been continuing apace in 2011 as more and more Christmas party venues get in touch to tell us all about the exciting stuff they’ve got planned for the festive season.

Word has it that suppliers started dreaming up all of these crazy Christmas party ideas as soon as the 2010 season was over, making use of feedback from customers and getting straight to work on ways to better themselves. 2010 was after all a great year for Christmas parties, the Battersea Evolution event coming to mind immediately as a stand-out affair, so would take some beating. What we’ve seen already has simply blown us away. Madame Tussaud’s, the famous wax-model museum in central London, has provided us with a meticulously thought-out itinerary that takes into account all of its famous residents and makes use of them for these Christmas party nights London style. A drinks reception is served in the A-list party room, meaning guests are surrounded on all sides by celebrities from across the years. Dinner is served in the World Stage Ballroom, the tables within reach of iconic sporting stars and world leaders.

Speaking of attention to detail, the events to be held in the London Dungeon kick off with a reception drink mixed to resemble curdling blood. They’re much tastier than they sound, believe us! A judge will be present to sentence a random guest to their ‘doom’ and ghost hosts will accompany you throughout the evening. Venues are indeed making the most of their surroundings to create truly immersive Christmas party nights for everyone involved and there really is no better time to be planning your ideal festive event than in 2011.

We Wish You A Mersey Christmas

Liverpool wasn’t crowned the European Capital of Culture for nothing. It is a rich tapestry of the arts inspired in everything it does by an iconic musical legacy kick-started by The Beatles, Gerry & The Pacemakers and The Remo Four. A packed and impressively varied Christmas party programme will be calling on Merseyside across the course of the festive season in 2011 and Eventa are encouraged to be promoting plenty of ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ Christmas party packages. Type Christmas parties Liverpool 2011 into any search engine and upon coming through to our page you’ll find such delights as Christmas parties being held at Knowsley Safari Park, Aintree Racecourse and a hotel fashioned in the shape of a giant ship amongst other wonderfully unique Christmas party locations.

One of our personal favourites when it comes to Christmas nights out in Liverpool this year has to be the event entitled ‘Bonsoir Paris’. As you’d expect, the venue will be gorgeously decorated in the style of 19th Century Paris, with opulent features such as Champagne and Cocktail bars and of course seductive dance performances from West End performers. Dinner time too comes with its own surprises, as guests are encouraged to take part in balloon modelling and a dance competition. Held on the fringes of the famous Knowsley Safari Park, this is one Liverpool Christmas party that could get a little wild!

Elsewhere across Merseyside we are pleased to see a huge range of interestingly-themed yet well-priced Christmas parties, including the popular Midnight In Monte Carlo (think casinos, jazz quartets, dodgems and discos) and increasingly sought-after Christmas party lunch option. When you think about it, it can be rather difficult getting lots of people to agree on an evening when they are free, so what better time to hold a Christmas party than when everyone is together at work, during the day? You’ll get an afternoon out of the office and have the evening free to spend with loved ones as well. A very Mersey Christmas to you indeed!

Five Essential Christmas Party Don’ts

Over the course of our last few Christmas party blogs we’ve been telling you all about things that we think you should do. So with that in mind, we thought it was high time we let you know about a few things that you shouldn’t be doing at your Christmas party. We’ll own up here, we’ve found ourselves in several of these ill-advised situations ourselves over the years but hey, we’re all human and we like to think that we’ve lived and learned. We’ve done it so you don’t have to, hopefully! So without further ado, here’s our five essential Christmas party don’ts.

Kiss The Boss’ Wife/Husband

Pretty self-explanatory this one. If you find yourself flirting with or, in a worst case scenario, kissing the boss’ wife or husband, expect to find your P45 waiting on your desk the next morning, and that’s if you’re lucky!

Drink Too Much Before Dinner

We’ve all been found guilty of this one a few times. Being excited about your Christmas party and wanting to celebrate the festive season wholeheartedly is great, but we advise that you pace yourself with the drinks, especially before you’ve had a chance to eat anything. A pre-dinner drink or two, followed by bottle of wine with dinner and plenty of water is usually the best way to celebrate without overdoing it.

Expose Yourself

This doesn’t happen too often at Christmas parties but when it does it can sour the whole event. Remember that if you are attending a shared Christmas party you’ll be sharing the room with a number of other groups that probably won’t see the funny side. In any case, keep your shirt on and look the part in a classy way!

Declare Your Undying Love For A Colleague

After a few tipples it might seem like a good idea to take the plunge and let that office crush know how you feel about them but we speak from experience when say that this is not such a good call. This is one Christmas party trick that usually leads to embarrassment the next morning. Don’t get us wrong, office romances can of course blossom if both parties are willing, but on the whole it is one-way traffic!

Pass Out Before Midnight

You shouldn’t be passing out full-stop but if you are nodding off before Midnight, whilst all your friends and colleagues are having the time of their lives on the dance floor, you’ll look really silly and be the butt of all jokes from now on.

So there you have it! Follow these five easy Christmas party ideas and you are halfway towards having a cracking festive event. Stay tuned over the coming weeks for our five Christmas party DOS!