Saving for Christmas – What you can do to look after the pennies

With Selfridges opening its Christmas shop just the other week (147 days before Christmas day to be precise), it just goes to show that it’s never too soon to start thinking about planning for the festive season. With that in mind, it’s sensible to begin saving for Christmas right now, as we all know this time of the year doesn’t come cheap! We’ve rounded up a few of our best festive money saving tips, to ensure a stress-free Noel!

Get paid to shop on a cashback site

If you’re going to shop online, make sure you sign up to a reputable cashback site where you’ll literally be paid to shop. We recommend Topcashback or Quidco. All you need to do is sign up to the site and search for the online retailer that you want to shop at. If the link is listed, simply click and shop. Your visit will then be tracked and you’ll receive cashback into your account once your purchase is complete – every little extra helps!

Start stashing the cash as early as possible

Even though it’s August, there’s absolutely no harm in saving a bit from each month’s wage to help you fund the festivities in December (starting to save any earlier is a bonus!). Whether you’re saving £50 or just a crisp twenty pound note each month, it’s all additional money that will go towards the Xmas food shop or gifts for friends and family.

Consider doing a Secret Santa for the adults in the family

Make life easier and save money by enrolling all the adults in your family into a secret Santa, leaving you with less stress and more money to put towards the kids presents or other festive treats!

Make your own gifts

Why not get creative and make your own gifts for friends and family? You’ll have fun doing it and as it’s been especially handmade, it will mean much more to the receiver. Our favourite ideas include homemade candles, truffles, cushions and flavoured gin!

Don’t get yourself into debt that you can’t manage

Stay clear of ‘pay day loans’ and credit cards with a ridiculously high APR. Whilst it may help you short term and relieve you of your festive stress temporarily, it will come back to bite you if you can’t afford it. Remember, if you can’t manage to pay it off straight away, then stay away.

Book your Christmas party now!

Get ahead of the game and get your work’s Christmas celebration sorted now, so there’s less stress later down the line. Take advantage of many of the venue’s early bird deals and ensure you secure the venue and location at the top of your festive wish list!

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