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One of our most popular destinations outside of London, Manchester is without a doubt a fashionable and cutting-edge city that’s shaken off its old image and replaced it with a new fun one. It now sees hundreds of young minded people and trendy individuals flocking to it every year, and why not? Manchester city centre is most certainly the place to be nowadays, what with all the new restaurants and boutiques cropping up. Many are now saying that Manchester rivals London in terms of entertainment and shopping. Situated close to its neighbouring fun loving cities - Liverpool and Leeds, Manchester itself is split into several different quarters. Making it a diverse place to have a Christmas party and an easy place to have a good time! The northern quarter offers people a bohemian atmosphere with live music and plenty of independent pubs and restaurants. There’s also Deansgate and Canal Street too though, which offers some of the more popular entertainment venues and bars. 

Meaning that much like our London Christmas parties, Manchester has a wide variety of venues and parties. Famous for producing several prominent bands and singers throughout the years, Manchester is a city that loves its music. The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Oasis and Joy Division – to name but a few! Maybe that would explain why our Can Can Christmas parties and groovy disco office parties are so popular here! 

Manchester Shared Christmas Parties

Because Manchester is such a friendly place, booking a shared party in this fine city is always a sure fire way to help guarantee a company party to remember (for all the right reasons!) There are plenty of different themes to choose from and because of the nature of shared parties these events tend to bigger and full of interesting people to network with. We’ve got plenty of different venues to for you to choose from, so you can go for a full on sit down meal or something lighter like nibbles and drinks.

Manchester Bespoke Christmas Parties

Our bespoke parties give you creative freedom to plan, design and decorate your party in a theme that we can suggest from our list of tried & tested theme. Or you can suggest a brand new theme of your own! Either way, you will receive a dedicated event planner who will listen to your ideas, budget and help organise your Manchester Christmas party. Bespoke parties also benefit from being private as well so you’ll get the chance to mingle with your co-workers and maybe even get to know a few you don’t get the chance to speak to that often.

Popular Christmas Party Themes in Manchester

We’ve got plenty of Christmas party themes for both shared and bespoke parties but Manchester seems to be a big fan of the Circus theme and the French Can Can theme! We’re guessing it’s got something to do with the fantastic live entertainment and costumed performers at these events. As well as the stunning themed décor and exciting lights. That’s not all the themes we have though: don’t forget the bespoke option where you can create your own party with all the special finishing touches that make it unique to you. For more information just call us on 01273 225 078 or email us at

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