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It’s easy to see why Swansea is so popular in summer. The amazing beaches with fantastic opportunities for surfing at Caswell Bay and Llangennith, or the quaint feel of the Victorian pier at Mumbles. And inland, the stunning Welsh landscape is at its best when the sun kisses the green, green grass. It’s a proper summer. And one that makes for ideal summer parties. But the parties don’t stop when the sun leaves Swansea’s shores. All across the year it’s an incredible location for a corporate event, and especially so in Christmas!

For much of Swansea’s history it was an industrial centre and this has left it with some truly majestic historic listed venues, but in more recent times it has become a city of modernity. In 2013 it was one of the cities short-listed as the UK City of Culture. And its modernity is evident in the numerous corporate venues across the city. From huge sporting stadiums to contemporary hotel spaces – there’s a huge amount of tremendous venues, and alongside the historic spaces of Swansea. There’s a space that’s guaranteed to be ideal for your Christmas event. Below are a selection of our current parties in Swansea, all of which bring a warm, Welsh welcome to your Christmas event.

Swansea Shared Christmas Parties

Swansea loves to party! And that’s why a shared party is an ideal choice down on the coast. Shared parties are where your company occupies the same space as other teams, meaning that you’re guaranteed a good time in this Welsh city. A shared party is becoming hugely popular in the corporate events market for a few reasons; it’s perfect for smaller teams who want to experience some of the grander venues in the Swansea area, and it also means you get a full-on production without breaking the budget.

Swansea Exclusive Christmas Parties

If shared isn’t for you – then it has to be exclusive. And the benefits here are many. You don’t just get exclusive access to your venue space, making it a truly private party, but Eventa will also ensure your experience is fully bespoke. All of Eventa’s exclusive events are bespoke. We don’t believe that every company is the same, and it stands to reason that every party should be different to reflect that. That’s why we’ll work with you to discover exactly what kind of party you want. And as soon as you contact us at 01273 225 078 or enquire@eventa.co.uk we’ll start building your package.

How we work

We’re more than just a venue finding service. As you can see below there’s a selection of our shared and exclusive events. If you’re after a shared party then follow through the links on the package of your choice and you’ll be put in touch directly with your venue. But for our exclusive events you’ll come through to one of our dedicated account managers, and we’ll source your venue, arrange catering, entertainment and more. The end result? It’s the party that you want, delivered perfectly.

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