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For a city that’s sometimes best known as a footballer’s playground, Chester’s deep historical roots are sometimes forgotten. It was originally a Roman fort that was originally going to be the capital of Roman Britain rather than Londinium (You can probably guess what that became). Even in the time of William the Conqueror it remained an important town. So, why does this matter to us at Eventa? Well because the long and storied history of Chester has left it with a legacy of some fantastically unique venues, ideal for a corporate Christmas event.

In the modern day, Chester is a popular location with many companies, particularly those in the financial sector such as HBOS and Bank of America. And large companies understand the importance of corporate events – a way to make your team valued, and to have good excuse to have a great time. Which one of those two you put the focus on is up to you, but regardless,  Eventa can deliver sensational Christmas parties in the Chester area.

Chester Shared Christmas Parties

An option that’s becoming increasingly popular in the Chester area is for a shared Christmas party – as you can probably guess from the name a shared event is where you and your team share your chosen venue space with other teams. It makes for a buzzing, electric atmosphere where you could bump into anyone. One of the benefits of sharing your space with other local teams is that you can fit in some impromptu networking while you celebrate – although it’s probably best done before you have too many visits to the bar.

Chester Exclusive Christmas Parties

When it comes to the bigger companies out there, a more popular option is to go for an exclusive event. And when you have an exclusive hire of your venue space it opens up what you can do with that space. After all – there’s no other teams there. So for all of our exclusive events, Eventa will construct you a bespoke package. From the moment you contact us about your Christmas party in Chester you’ll receive a dedicated member of our event management team who will work with you on every step of your journey to create your perfect party package. First they’ll construct a brief, getting an idea of what you want your event to look like, and from there you leave it to the experts. On the day of your event you’re guaranteed to enjoy the party that you want. We understand that all companies are different, unique in their own way – so we ensure that all of our corporate events are unique too.

Chester Themed Christmas Parties

Theming is becoming increasingly popular in the Chester area – it’s a fun way to breathe fresh life into the traditional Christmas party. Whether it’s just a few small touches or a full blown production, great theming can really make a party. Perhaps it’s because of the prestige of the area, but this year the Hollywood theme is really popular in the Chester area. Taking inspiration from across the Atlantic, your corporate event is transformed into a slice of Tinsel Town that will have you feeling like a real VIP.

Have a browse through our below packages and if nothing quite fits you right, then do contact us at 01273 225 078 or to talk about what we can do for you to give you a perfect Christmas in Chester this year!

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