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York may be one of the very best locations for a Christmas party. Its annual Christmas market is just one example of this. The city is transformed into a picturesque Christmas card landscape. The walled city makes for a truly spectacular backdrop to any event – it’s why York is one of our very favourite locations to throw a Christmas party.

The Christmas party – and corporate events of all sorts – is becoming an increasingly popular part of any teams social calendar, and a few beers down at the office after hours just doesn’t cut it any-more. The Christmas party is a reward for your team, a way to say ‘thank-you’ for what they’ve accomplished it across the year. And in York there is a range of fantastic venues that Eventa can use to create your perfect Christmas package.

York Shared Christmas Parties

If you want a ready-made, vibrant party atmosphere then the shared party is the one for you. It’s where you share the venue space with other local teams so you’re guaranteed a friendly Yorkshire welcome from the moment you arrive. Shared parties are a great option for smaller teams who may not have otherwise had the chance to explore some of York’s larger venue spaces. A selection of our packages can be found below, but do remember to keep checking up til the big day on the 25th as more and more packages are listed.

York Exclusive Christmas Parties

For the bigger teams out there – the exclusive party is a popular choice. Your party is just that – yours! And you get a freedom when it comes to your package. You want a theme? Extra entertainment? Canapés? Drinks receptions? Any and all can be arranged. Of course we don’t just expect you to do all the hard-work. That’s why all of our exclusive events receive their very own dedicated event organiser who will handle all the actual event management, while you still get the credit.

Venues for York Christmas Parties

The rich heritage of York is what gives it so many venues. Many of which are virtually untouched from the medieval era – these heritage venues offer a fantastic sense of tradition that is perfectly suited to the festive season. However if you want something a little more than contemporary, York is more than able to do that. There are countless modern hotels and stylish cocktail bars that provide a fresher twist on the Christmas party for the younger teams out there.

To discuss the variety of venues in York, and how we’re going to build your party package –our Account Management team is available at 01273 225 078 or enquire@eventa.co.uk. Whether you know exactly what you want, or just need some impartial advice about your corporate event – Eventa are here to help.

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