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Why companies should invest in team building events

Many companies are built on dedication, expertise and trust. It goes without saying but trust in particular is an attribute that is valued both in life as well as business. However (as they say) trust is earned not given. So if you want your staff to work better together and trust in the abilities of one another, then you need to take them out of their routines/office situation and put them in a scenario with new challenges and new people to really see how they develop.

Team building activities make good icebreakers and are a great way for company employees to meet other employees from different departments. The nice thing to do before planning a corporate event is to ask the opinions of all the employees attending. That way they’ll feel involved, which itself makes them feel more respected as professional individuals. Trust us this is a great feeling to evoke before the actual event!

The great thing nowadays is that corporate team building events have come on leaps and bounds since “the trust test “(i.e. falling backgrounds without stumbling while your colleagues catch you.) Now we have game shows, Krypton mazes, and cocktail making events just to name a few.  So there’s plenty of options to choose from!

Seeing as it’s technically summer and London are hosting some very special games in this year, the sports day event is a great one to book this year. It brings out everyone’s inner competitive spirit (friendly competitiveness of course!) and encourages employees to work within their teams to win.

Don’t fancy running around and getting sweaty? Then the Murder Mystery event is a good choice as it’s less physically exerting but it still brings everyone together in order to solve the “mystery” but if none of those take your fancy, then there’s always the chocolate making course. Which is by far the most relaxed (and arguably most enjoyable) team building activity we offer!  Now we won’t give too much away but let’s just say that this session involves lots of chocolate and lots of goodies to take home…

However regardless of what you choose, our belief still remains the same. Companies need to invest in their workforce both in terms of training and team building if they want to be successful. Because there’s really no point in having knowledgeable staff working together, if they don’t even trust or even know one another very well!


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