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Roof garden summer parties: Perfect for 2015

If you’ve been tasked with finding and arranging a top class summer party, be it for clients, staff, or members, you’ll soon discover that the options out there are vast and varied. So where do you start? Well, considering the time of year is a good start, so let us say you are required to arrange a party in summer, for around 100 guests in London.

Where would you consider holding this event? Do you know if those involved would be happy with the venue? If you’re asking yourself these questions then we’ve got just the suggestion for you; roof parties!

Now while the initial thought of a roof party might be far from the corporate or reserved event that you require, but when you think of the plus points to holding an event at a roof garden you’ll soon realise there are very few reasons NOT to!

First of all, the weather can play a part. Now, this is probably the only element you can’t influence, but if you get some fantastic clear skies for your roof party in the middle of July you’ll be laughing. You can pair the weather with the views as well, two subjects that are perfect for small talk and breaking the ice during any event’s early hours.

Staying in people’s minds is incredibly important if you’re entertaining clients or customers, and holding your event at a roof garden as opposed to a nondescript hotel function room could make all the difference. Your rooftop party will stand out.

Fortunately for you, Eventa can arrange parties at some of the best roof top locations in the capital, why not have a look at just a few of the party packages we can offer:

Summer at the Roof Gardens – includes exclusive venue hire, a three course sit down meal or summer BBQ, giant garden game, and more – Prices from £83.50pp excluding VAT

Summer on the Terrace – includes exclusive hire of the Penthouse Level bar, and choice of a summer BBQ or canapes, and more – Prices from £25pp excluding VAT

Summer Soiree on the Roof – includes exclusive hire of the venue, unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks, full event management, and more – Prices on enquiry

If you require a bespoke event we can also assist you there, just email Eventa today with your requirements and one of our skilled party planners will be in touch to help you plan the perfect party, no matter what the occasion may be.

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