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The Sun Has Got His Hat On And He’s Coming Out To Play!

In case you hadn’t noticed, we here at Eventa have spent the past few weeks focusing on all things summer. Whereas at first it felt slightly odd talking about al fresco Pimms receptions whilst snow was settling on the ground outside, now it is beginning to feel a little more relevant, as your humble correspondent managed to spend a good portion of his Sunday afternoon walking around North London in a t-shirt.

It wouldn’t be too difficult to gather your workplace together in the boss’ back garden, fire up a barbecue and enjoy some drinks in the sunshine but that all-important wow factor, not to mention the kind of theming and entertainment to really inspire employees, would be lacking. And that, dear friends, is where we come in! The simple fact of the matter is this: party-goers love a theme. It gives you a structure to work within for the event but most importantly it gets guests talking both pre- and post-party, as well as creating an atmosphere. We really wanted to make our office summer parties stand out from the crowd and have put together about 25 stunning different themes to choose from across daytime balls, evening events and team building activities which you’ll be able to browse on the site from next week.

Choice amongst these is our flagship event for 2012, The Olympics Awards Ceremony. Like all of our summer parties it includes a drinks reception, barbecue and disco, yet is made extra special with the addition of actual games, such as curling, table tennis and archery. As if that wasn’t enough to foster a team spirit amongst the group, there’s even country flags for each side, a scoreboard and PA announcer. Who needs the actual Olympics when you’ve got this?!

Arabian Nights is another of our personal favourites. What could possibly be more unique than holding your party in a Bedouin-style tent with Moroccan sofas, lanterns and a flame torch entrance? Well, perhaps the addition of a snake charmer, belly dancers and exotic buffet might do the trick. Watch this space, the temperature is about to rise several notches over the next few weeks!

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