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Event Showcase: Enchanted Garden

It seems as though summer might finally be on its way! I spent this weekend at my mum’s house and ventured into the garden soaking up the sunshine, and it felt amazing!

My mum started to get into her gardening a few years ago now and the garden looks amazing, with lush green grass, pretty potted plants and birds, there seem to be a lot of birds but it’s got a very magical feel, and it got me thinking about our summer party themes, and the Enchanted Garden in particular!

The Enchanted Garden is such a great theme for summer and can be created in any venue, inside or out. There are so many different spins you can put on it; you could create a whimsical garden or woodland with fairy lit trellis arc way decorated with ivy and blossom, white picket fencing and topiary bay trees with fairy lights, or you could add an ancient Greek/Roman feel with Roman figure pillars and classical columns.

In previous years the Enchanted Garden has proven to be a really popular theme and we’re expecting this year to be no different! My idea of an Enchanted Garden would be set in an outside space with a marquee (as you can never completely rely on the wonder that is the British weather!), as guests arrive they will be treated to a refreshing glass of Pimms and served canapés on human canapé trays before dining on a delicious hog roast. I love a sweet treat so I would have to add a waffle or popcorn kart too!

The décor would consist of a LOT of fairy lights (you wouldn’t believe what a difference clever lighting can make to your event), ivy and blossom, topiary trees and birdcages and toadstool seating. If you’re going for a formal seated dinner a white birdcage decorated with a rose garland and LED candle would look fab!

Take a look at what is included in a sample package for the Enchanted Garden:

  • Pimms welcome drink
  • Canapés served on human canapé trays
  • Hog roast
  • Popcorn kart
  • Character actors (fairies and/or mystical creatures)
  • Trellis arc way decorated with ivy blossom and fairy lights
  • 20m of white picket fencing
  • 2 x sets of toadstool seating
  • 2 x white 90cm birdcages decorated with ivy, roses, blossom and LED candles
  • 2 x white cast iron benches
  • 8 x topiary bay trees with fairy lights
  • 8 x genko blossom trees with fairy lights
  • 6 x flamingos
  • 2 x Venus di milo statues wrapped with ivy
  • 3 x 10m bluebell forest backdrop with framing
  • 15 x LED uplighter bars

Interested in this summer party for your office or company? Find out more and enquire today.

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