Heroes Run 2015

Brighton Heroes Run 2015

Looking out the window, you would have assumed you were in Disneyland. But no, it was that time of year again, the time that only people in Brighton get excited about, the big Heroes Run.

I threw on my leather jacket, trimmed the hair off my chin and stuck on the blades, as I exited the house as Wolverine. Admittedly the jacket was humorously oversized, as I resembled a hamster in a tent rather than a beast in leather. However none of this put me off as I galloped (literally) down the road towards the seafront for the big opening.

The event started with the 500 metre dash for the kids, which my colleague Lynsey took part in, alongside her son. Upon realizing I hadn’t prepared at all for this race, I looked enviously at the 500 metre length as it felt more fitting to my fitness levels.

Lynsey Heroes Run Brighton

Lynsey was donning a bat girl costume, while her son was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. They both flew straight off the mark and left the others for dust (or that’s how I remember it anyway).

After the 500 metre dash, everyone else began warming up for the 5k/10k run. This led to some very humorous sites, with super hero attired adults stretching in all unnatural ways. I chose the unwise option of skipping the warming up and stretching in order to have a little nap on the grass (a warm up chosen by model athletes such as Usain Bolt and Chris Hoy).

Following the warmups, everyone floated towards the line, while laughing hysterically at each other’s clothing, ready for the sound of the gunfire. Then we heard it, BANG, and off we went on this torturous run. OK, maybe torturous is a bit extreme for a 5 kilometre run, but at 10am everything looks exhausting!

Tearing forward like a cork leaving a bottle of champagne, I tore into first gear, before the stitch kicked in and I slowed to a comfortable third gear. Running alongside me the entire team was someone in an inflatable SuperHero6 costume, someone keeping a very fast pace. I used him as my pace-setter and moved very quickly up the course, eventually finishing around tenth (for the 5k runners, no idea how anyone went for 10k).

Bourlet Wolverine

The winner of the best fancy dress costume for the kids was a little boy dressed immaculately as Tintin, while the adult was a bearded man as Poison Ivy. So many people deserved to win this, as so many people put in unbelievable amounts of effort, with some really creative costumes.

It really does have to be stated how well the event went ahead. This is my third year attending and I can’t express how impressed I am, with an ever increasing audience each year, they handled everything perfectly.

All of the money for the event was raised to support Pass It On Africa, a charity which is dedicated to helping build schools in the poorest areas of Africa. Even if you missed the event, you can still donate money to the charity here.

If you do decide to join me for 2016, you can sign up to the Heroes Run here. Just make sure you pick your team, heroes or villains?

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