secret santa gift ideas 2013

Secret Santa Gift Ideas – 2013 Edition

It’s not even Halloween yet and I’m already talking about Christmas! I know, it seems almost ridiculous but for people/companies who like to take advantage of “early bird” Christmas party deals, talking about secret santa ideas right now isn’t really that silly. Besides, who doesn’t want to pick out the perfect gift for someone? Whether that be a family member or a co-worker? I for one love buying gifts and probably take it far more seriously than I should, but that’s just my style and yours may differ. Still, I like to think that everybody (regardless of their gift shopping style) enjoys seeing how happy their gift makes someone.

So to give you some ideas for gifts (for every budget) I’ve listed some of my favourites from around the internet…

£5 and under

Pack Of Five Message Beanstalk Seeds
For the green fingered person in your office these cute little seeds will certainly bring a smile to their face! The idea is that you plant the seeds and as they grow you can see the message imprinted onto them. There are different packs to choose from all containing different messages, so whether you just want to wish a co worker “Merry Christmas” or wish them “Happiness” then why not say it with a plant this year?

Mini Gumball Machine Favours
The perfect desk accompaniment for those stressful moments when you crave some sugar to fuel you towards the end of the day! Unfortunately it doesn’t come with gum balls, but for the price of the machine I’m sure you could find some cheap ones to add to the gift.

Bacon Salt
For the person who wants bacon on everything. Pour over and enjoy all you pork flavoured enthusiasts!

Glow In The Dark Loo Roll
I’m not even sure why I’m including this, mainly for the novelty factor I think. After all, if you have a power cut or have one too many drinks one evening, then maybe this glowing paper beacon will serve as a navigation tool for you?

£10 and under

Scented Macaroon Purse
For the girl who loves sugary things, this cute little coin purse comes in several different “flavours” and is surprisingly roomy. Making it the perfect sweet treat – without the calories!

Tansafe Case
On the surface this may not seem like a very exciting gift but it’s actually very useful! Store money, keys, cards and even your iPhone in this nifty little case! Because not only does it hides your stuff from beach thieves but it’s also water tight, thus protecting your stuff from any water damage. Brilliant for coworkers who like beach holidays!

How to drive a tank by Frank Coles (Book)
A funny and informative book on how to do (or at least try) some very adventurous and manly activities. I’ve given this book to several male friends and though they dismissed it at first, once they got into it – they became hooked and subsequently wouldn’t stop talking about how they plan to go to Europe to “drive a tank”.

12 in 1 Multi Tool Pen
Eat your heart out James Bond! Because I’ve been told that this is actually a really nifty little gift that actually works and isn’t just a novelty item. Any action movie fan or tinkering geek will absolutely love this as a secret santa gift – guaranteed.

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