2014 in review

Eventa: Highlights of 2014

We planned parties all year just like we always do, however some of the events and moments of the year that really stood out for us happened away from the party circuit.

Here are five of the stand out moments for Eventa in 2014:

The Virgin Fast Track 100 Award

A day with Sir Richard Branson

It was an incredible honour to be named in the Virgin Fast Track 100 List for the second year running in 2013, an incredible feat for our company.

The owners of each company named in the list are invited to attend an event the following year, and May 13th saw our CEO Rob Hill and Director Nick Shuff rubbing shoulders with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

You can read more about the event and a short interview with Nick here.

Charity Fundraisers

Bob Marley cake

We also held a number of charity fundraisers throughout the year, as we find them to be a great opportunity to do our bit and help out whilst having some fun. The highlight of the year for me was probably the cake pictured above, which myself and my colleague Richard made for the Macmillan Coffee Morning. We didn’t win the ‘Best Design’ award which means the results were quite obviously fixed. We also did our bit for Red Lippy Week too.

Making Cocktails

Drinked Inn

Everyone loves a competition, and a competition where you are required to create your own cocktail? Sign us all up right now. Unfortunately for Eventa, we couldn’t enter this competition as it was our own! That’s right, we opened the DrinkedInn for business and received some fantastic entries, with the remit being that the cocktail had to represent the entrant’s job as best as they felt it could. The winning cocktail was worthy of winning the cocktail making masterclass that was the first prize!

Office Romances


No, we aren’t celebrating an actual Eventa office romance, instead we released the results of our survey that looked into office romances and believe me when I tell you the results were eye opening in places! You can see the full results here.


Halloween Eventa style

‘Nuff said.

That was just five of the stand out moments for Eventa in 2014, and we’re hoping to have plenty more just like these in 2015. Be sure to enjoy the ride with us!

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Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet is the Senior Digital Marketing Executive for Eventa. Event management has always been a popular topic for Tom, having run a number of events throughout his working career, as well as speaking at conferences a vast number of times.

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