Choosing the catering for your office Christmas party

The festive season is all about indulgence especially when it comes to food and drink. So choosing how to cater your office Christmas party is very important. From small to large groups, you’re often faced with varying tastes, likes and dislikes and choosing a style of food to suit everyone can often be a bit of a headache. Here we look at some things to consider when planning the food for your office Christmas party.

Lobster or crabsticks… think of the budget

Before you start ordering in the crates of Dom Perignon, take some time to think about what the budget is for the party, and how much that works out per person. If the employees are contributing to the cost of food and drink they probably won’t be too happy if all the money gets spent on a bottle of fine scotch if they only then get a bourbon biscuit each to munch on. Have a word with accounts or your boss to see how much money is budgeted for the party, and after other costs such as venue and entertainment, see what you have for food. Don’t be tempted to scrimp on the food, as it is so important to provide something to eat especially if there is going to be drinking involved.

Gluten, Wheat, Dairy… Special Dietary Requirements

Always give a quick thought to anyone in your team who may have specific dietary needs as if there is nothing provided for them you will have a very glum member of staff at the Christmas party. It is always worth sending out an email or asking for submissions for any specific dietary requirements for the office Christmas party and getting them well in advance of planning so that if you have an outside catering company providing the food, you can pass on your special requests.

Served or Self-Service – the buffet versus the sit down meal

There are many advantages to a sit down meal as well as a buffet service. The sit down meal offers the convenience and ease of having your food brought to you as you relax and socialise with your colleagues. You tend to be able to get a more substantial meal which is a great way to prepare those stomachs for any alcohol which will be drunk as part of the festivities. A buffet however does offer more choice and caters for different people’s tastes and hunger. It also tends to be a much more flexible way of feeding many people and it doesn’t matter if not everyone is there when the food arrives, allowing people to come and go as they need to without missing out on any food.

The best thing to get you started when planning the catering for your Christmas party is to look at the budget, people’s tastes, and what style of service you think would suit your company best. Once you have these taken care of you just need to decide what food to serve!

4 thoughts on “Choosing the catering for your office Christmas party”

  1. Surely a good old Christmas dinner is the best bet for your office Christmas Party. I can’t imagine there would be too many objections to the traditional roast. That way everyone knows what to expect, especially at the shared Christmas parties.

  2. Sounds like your doing some good stuff here guys, that’s some sound advice especially if your putting on a Christmas dinner. If its an office Christmas party your organising, you should especially take note as you don’t want to make your boss ill. Here’s to Christmas party fun if your organising your Christmas party in 2009.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post. Strangely, for once I’m actually looking forward to this year’s office Christmas party. Usually the parties around here are pretty dire but they have let Jane at reception do the organising this year and apparentlty she’s good! So I’m hoping for some sort of themed party at a popular venue. Can’t wait. Not long to go now (18 weeks if you’re counting).

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