Top 3 Do’s and Don’ts When Organising a Party

Organizing a party can sound like fun…and it can be, so long as you follow these basic do’s and don’ts that will keep things stress free and fun.


  1. Don’t Worry about Pleasing Everyone

Because you’ll never achieve this and you’ll just get frustrated with the organizing instead of enjoying it. There will always be somebody who isn’t happy with what you’ve done, maybe you didn’t pick a date that suited everyone or maybe you just forgot to write them an invitation in your own blood.

Take into consideration everybody’s needs but remember that you can’t accommodate everybody all of the time. You’ll have to draw the line somewhere.



  1. Don’t Forget to Plan

This sounds like a bit of a generic one, but people can forget to make lists and cross off things on their to-do list. You might have a thousand and one amazing ideas but if you don’t write them down or make a timetable and schedule you’ll have guests turning up on different days and too much salad and not enough beer.

Send out invitations first and find out how many people you need to cater for before booking and ordering in food and drinks. But if planning seems a little too much effort than check out our already perfect parties.

  1. Don’t Cut Corners

Cutting costs is fine, but cutting corners is a sure fire way to ruin the whole party. Cutting corners means skipping certain crucial elements of a party in order to save time or money. There are certain aspects of a party that should have time and money spent on them. Food, entertainment and theming for example.

Cut costs by leaving out extras that people are in two minds about, like coffees and mints. Make your own cocktails, punches and canapés to save money and add that touch of originality to the party.



  1. Do Heed Murphy’s Law

Always assume that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Make plans to prevent this happening and have a Plan B for the common things that often turn a party on its head, like the weather. Do you have an indoor space for people to retreat to if you’re organizing a summer party?

Or what if the entertainment doesn’t turn up on the night? Can you take the guitar and successfully serenade people into believing everything is under control?


  1. Do Think Outside the Box

A good party can be made great by thinking outside the box. What can you do with the space that you’ve got? Do you have an unusually long venue space? Then how about turning it into a street carnival? Or perhaps your garden is on the small side? The put up some sheets, lanterns and make a picnic party perfect for a princess.

Thinking outside the box means turning something generic and organic into something unusual, fiery and memorable. All of the parties on our website are unforgettable, so check them out if you’re having difficulty planning your own.


  1. Do Manage your Expectations

Not everything will be perfect. Maybe you were planning a sophisticated evening, and then someone found your laptop and started sharing YouTube videos. Go with the flow. Depending on the videos, you can reassess your friendship with that person.

Don’t turn into that uptight party planner who forces everyone to do everything he wants at the exact time he planned on doing it. It’s a sure-fire way to lose friends and people will certainly remember to tick the ‘Not Coming’ box on the invitations next time.


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