The top UK cities to find a job in the Events industry

Want to work in the events industry? Not sure where all the events jobs are? We’ve got you covered…

Whether you’re new to the events industry, or you’re looking to further your career, a career in events can bring with it a whole host of rewards – both in terms of financial and job satisfaction.

You’ve done your research on the type of events you want to work with, you’ve prepared your CV and cover letter ready to start applying to suitable companies, all that’s left to do is identify the location of your ideal role. But where to start?

Luckily, help is at hand. Job site have looked at over 100,000 applications to the events industry in 2014 and can unveil the leading cities for finding work…

London calling

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is the capital where the majority of events vacancies find themselves situated. In fact, half of all applications this year to UK-based events jobs could be found in London.

With the number of corporate events, industry expos and conferences that are held in the capital, it is understandable why so many events companies call their home London. All of that without mentioning the number of events organised for weddings, birthdays etc.

 Across the UK

Beyond the capital, there is a huge amount of opportunity for finding vacancies within the industry. Each and every region has hotspots that attract events companies – and should be where you look to focus your search.

Some of the larger cities in the UK of course feature, with Birmingham and Manchester placing second (5.3%) and third (5.0%) respectively when it comes to the number of applications received.

Past these, and you can see that country-wide the events industry is well represented. The top 10 cities hiring staff include Glasgow, Bristol, Nottingham and Leeds, displaying a wide variety of settings to base your career within.

Something closer to home

If you’re looking to remain within your current area of the UK, we’ve made it easy for you by highlighting the top three cities that you can expect to find events jobs within:

reed Disclaimer:- Data  provided by our friends at Reed. 

Good luck!


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