Rio Carnival Party Foodspiration!

Envisage the scene of an energetic Rio carnival themed party and imagine the masses of colour, positive vibes and the incredible beats of drums and pulsating music. Then imagine all the incredible aromas of the delicious street food that’s on offer. You’ve already got some great ideas for decorating the venue for your very own Rio themed party, but you’re feeling a bit unsure about what kind of treats you want to get cooked up for the big night. If so, then no problem, we’ve got plenty of foody options to tantalise your taste buds, so read on and be prepared for some serious Rio foodspiration!

Barbequed Meat

No Rio inspired carnival party is complete without some traditional barbequed meats to really get those smells wafting through the air! In Brazil, most premium cuts are typically seasoned with a generous shake of coarse salt, before being thrown on the barbeque and grilled to perfection over charcoal. Skewers are a great idea, which is ideal for chicken pieces, or peppers, mushrooms and other assorted vegetables for the vegetarians amongst your group. Sausages are also a great option, in addition to queijo coalho (squeaky cheese).


Pão de queijo

This is one Brazilian dish which will be sure to appeal to both meat eaters and vegetarians alike! Pão de queijo is a tasty cheese bread that’s crispy on the outside and is deliciously soft and gooey on the inside. These balls of joy are normally rolled into small balls and served, however can be made in various sizes depending on how you feel. There’s no harm in making them a little bigger. In fact, the bigger the better we say!


This is a fantastic dish that’s widely consumed all over Brazil and would be perfect if you’re considering serving bowl food at your party! Feijoada is a glorious stew that’s comprised of black beans, sausages and various pork cuts that range in quality. But if you’re not too keen on the idea of trotters, then you can always leave them out! However, do note that this dish can take up to 24 hours to cook, so it’s probably best to get the caterers to sort this one. This dish is commonly served with rice, kale, orange slices, farofa (toasted manioc flour) and pork scratchings on the side.



Although these are somewhat naughty and pretty calorific, we have to say, who cares, it’s party time! This delicious food is a deep-fried patty which is comprised of black eyed peas, oil and pureed onions, which are fried before being sliced open and with dried shrimp and vatapá. For all of those wondering, vatapa is a puree which is made from prawns, cashew nuts, bread and various other ingredients. This dish tastes incredible with a nice helping of chilli sauce!


It’s always good to balance out the savoury with the sweet, and here’s one Brazilian treat which does not fail to deliver. It’s basically a chocolate truffle and there’s more good news because these are super easy to make! They simply involve simmering condensed milk with cocoa powder and adding in butter before rolling into small balls and then into sprinkles. Definitely one for those who enjoy the sweeter things in life.


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