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As a social media editor, I like to keep up with bloggers who inspire me and who are current.

Dawn Higgins, the owner of is by far one of my favorite fashion bloggers. I started following her Instagram a while back, and I find myself completely inspired with her sense of fashion and the simplicity she portrays through her style. Very rarely you find a blogger who keeps the look classic but simple and wearable at the same time. She does just that. Dawn, once an ex professional international athlete, is now a successful fashion blogger who keeps it real with her look.

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Dawn, thank you for talking to me today. Tell me please, what is it that inspired you to blog? How did you get into it? 

I set up a blog one night after watching a film about a blogger and that was that. I was never involved in fashion any other capacity. I have always been into fashion and dreamt of going to London fashion week and thought this was a chance to fulfill those dreams. That scene had always held a great mystery to me since I was very small. I thought I might have something valuable to bring to women. I like women to feel great about themselves so thought this was a chance to get my message across.

You have a great sense of style. I follow your posts because your style is so simple, yet tells so much. How did you become so involved with the fashion world?

Purely through my blog.

On your website, you say that you want women to see that style is not about looking a certain way. What do you mean by that and how important is it for women to know how to dress?

I want women to not feel under any pressure to be a certain person or to dress a certain way. Growing up we had lots of fashion do’s and don’ts’. Those have thankfully disappeared but getting women of a certain age to see that is hard. To change their thinking. I want them to realise their potential. To enjoy dressing, style and fashion whilst they can. Don’t let others determine how you dress or feel in the same sense.

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You have so many great outfits, what is your favorite fashion item you own? 

Oh I love lots. I keep things for years and will remain to. I have a little girl who will get to use them all. I love my Céline shoes and handbag. Gucci jacket and my Isabel marant skirts. One of my favorite is a fend cape and an old pair of Gucci shoes. They hold memories for me to. I like that.

You were a successful athlete, now you are a successful blogger. What characteristics do you associate with your success? 

Strong mind, determination and hard work.

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Women tend to put a lot of pressure on their body image due to media, what are your thoughts on the fashion world vs body image? 

There will be arguments in everything. We have a role. Some women are born to run, be models, dance, sing etc. That’s just something we have to accept. There will be skinny women and big women. In the fashion world you need to be skinny. Full stop. To be an athlete you need to be fast. To be a singer you need a good voice or the x factor. I think models do an amazing job. They look fabulous in magazines they make you want to look better dress better. Inspiring. Inspired not to be skinny but to dress. It’s a competitive world so if one model decides she doesn’t want to be skinny or work in the industry there are a hundred behind her who will. Fashion is an art to the designers and they want their art to be the best it is and if that’s how they want to show it then that’s just life.

There are many fashion bloggers out there, however rarely do they actually get a great following and get their name out there. What helped you to do so?

 Consistently worked at it. I think I could do a lot better. I’m not very good I have to say at replying to every email or being involved with the other bloggers. I have so much to do. I have 3 children 11,10,4. They keep me very busy.

Who inspires you in your style?

 Music, movies, magazines and love. I just play around with clothes trying things together until I feel good in something.

Throughout your fashion journey, have you met any great fashion icons?

Hilary Alexander, Grazia editors, company, Cosmo editors. I’m hoping to meet Phil Greene soon. We’ll see. Ha. No one like Kate moss thou. I’d like to meet her. I’ve seen a few from afar.

What advice do you have for young women who want to pursue success within their careers?

Work hard. Be strong. Believe in yourself. Discipline. Don’t give up on the first fail. Success takes years and years of hard work. Oh and be nice to others. Treat people as you would like to be treated. But look out for yourself at all times.

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Dawn thank you so much for taking the time to chat to me today. Most importantly, thank you for inspiring women to dress with confidence. 

Thank you so much. I enjoyed. x Dawn

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