How social media can help promote your corporate event

Social media is changing the way we communicate. There’s no doubt about it, social is the way to go.  So it makes perfect sense to incorporate social media into your Christmas parties and general event planning. However with so many different types of social media outlets, which one do you, choose and how can you use it to its full potential?  We explore and list some of the best ways…


Facebook is best used to promote your event(s) beforehand and after. If you have a company page (and you should if you’re reading this article) then we suggest installing the “events” app into one of your spaces on the page and posting your event up there. Oh and instead of just typing up the details, create an image showcasing the event (with some details on it!) Doing this essentially creates a visual “invitation” for people to share on their own page(s). Seems like a hassle but it’s more interesting than just a text update and images are shared more than text updates.


Create a hash tag for your event like, “#Eventachristmasparty” and inform guests. Why? Because Twitter is the best way for people to talk about your event in real-time. Which is great, as it keeps conversations surrounding your event active (well active within that day anyway) and branded. Trust us; an event hashtag is imperative if you want guests to be contributing to your event conversations, promoting your company/brand thus and adding to your overall klout.


Wonderful for very visual events, Pinterest is popular with creative types. So if you’re proud of how your venue looks and how sparkly the decorations are, then creating a dedicated pin board is a good way to showcase it! Make sure you label your images – yes each one. So people who repins your pins will subconsciously be spreading the word about your event and brand.

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