Football Chairman to fund Xmas Party after losing bet

The economic difficulties have seen many companies cancel or downsize Christmas parties this year, but Birmingham Football Club’s chairman has found himself lumbered with the cost of the players’ party after losing a bet.

Birmingham’s new chairman Vico Hui was so confident that he could down a pint quicker than any of the Blues’ players that he agreed to fund next month’s bash if he was beaten, but he had not taken into account 6ft 5in Irish goalkeeper Colin Doyle.

The Irishman necked his pint in an astonishing 2.5 seconds to leave Hui stunned and unable to beat the time despite his best efforts.

The team will now have their Christmas Party in Glasgow and with the bill being picked up by the chairman it is highly likely it will be an expensive affair.

We are not sure many other company bosses will be up for such a challenge, but it might be worth a try if your office is being denied the chance to celebrate the festive season this year.

The football lads will be travelling up to Scotland for their Xmas bash, but we have plenty of Birmingham Christmas party ideas for those wanting to stay in the Midlands and enjoy the festivities.

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