Five Things to Add to Your Office Christmas Bucket List

It’s Christmas time and there’s plenty to do, but you absolutely must make sure that you’ve got these five things ticked off on your office Christmas bucket list to ensure that everyone’s happy. Let’s face it, these really are essential components of the festive season at the office, so read on and ensure that you’re on track for the best time of the year!

1. Organise the office Christmas party

Obviously this is number one on the bucket list. The office Christmas party is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year, so make sure you book in advance to ensure that your requirements are met for the size of your company. It’s also good to book early so that you stand a chance of holding it in your first choice location. The Christmas party is one of the best times of the working year and really is the perfect way for your staff to have some fun and let their hair down!


2. Add some festive decorations to the office

A plain office in December is absolutely no fun. No fun at all. So don’t leave those walls plain. Add some colour and sparkle at the very least. Introduce some colourful tinsel around the office and how about a Christmas tree too? You could invite employees to bring in a decoration each for the tree so that they can add their own mark to the festive decorations!

3. Wear your Christmas jumper to work day

Everyone loves a Christmas jumper. They come in all varieties too, ranging from cute patterns to comedy styles to the downright garish and ugly. So why not organise a wear your Christmas jumper to work day? It’s great fun for everyone and will make for some brilliant photos to add to your company’s social media page! You could even tie this in with suggestion five and raise some money for charity whilst you’re at it? All in all, this is a fantastic idea which everyone will love!


4. Get the Christmas cards and presents sorted

It’s always a nice touch to show your employees that you care and that they’re valued, so do take the time to write a Christmas card for each member of staff. If you’re feeling particularly generous, you could even get a present for each of them. We don’t mean anything massively personal, but a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates is always a nice way to wish your staff a very merry Christmas.

5. Give something back

Christmas is a time for giving, so why not do something for one of your favourite charities and give something back at this special time of the year? You could easily arrange a fundraising event in the office where people contribute some money to a great cause. One idea is arranging a festive lunch buffet for everyone. Each department is in charge of bringing a selection of certain dishes and everyone pays a pound or two to enjoy some delicious party food.



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