Five Leftover Christmas Dinner Ideas

Ah we love a good traditional Christmas dinner, but there’s always so much leftover food and you may not fancy warming it up again for the same again the next day, so what can you do? We’ve gathered up some of our favourite leftover Christmas dinner meal ideas from the lovely people right here at Eventa HQ to give you some tasty inspiration, which will see you through for the next few days!

Boxing Day Platter

It’s Boxing day and you’re feeling pretty full from Christmas day’s indulgences, but you’re still feeling peckish. You’ve had your fair share of Quality Street orange creams, but now you’re feeling the urge for some decent food that isn’t too full on. So how about creating a delicious cold platter for the family to enjoy?

There’s nothing better than a selection of juicy cold leftover meats, a mouth-watering array of dips and crisps and a lovely selection of Mediterranean delights like olives and sun-dried tomatoes! We’re feeling all hungry just thinking about it!


Bridget Jones’ mum had the right idea with the turkey curry buffet in the first movie and we can really see why – it’s delicious and totally easy to whip up (especially if you’re opting to use a jar sauce and not creating it all from scratch!)

So whether you’re after Korma, Tika Masala or another one of your favourites, this is a hassle free meal option to use up more of your leftover turkey. If you’re a vegetarian, then how about using up some of those vegetables and throwing them in along with some of your leftover Quorn roast? Serve with some poppadum’s, some naan and mango chutney and voila!



Soup is a great way of using up any old vegetables from dinner and creating a nice thick soup. Use a tin of standard tomato soup as a base and place into the blender. Now, depending on what you’ve got left (and what you think will make a great combination) add to the mixture. Personally, we think you can’t go wrong with blending the tomato base with onions, courgettes, carrots and parsnips for the ultimate vegetable soup. We think it’s probably safe to say leave the stuffing out of this one!

Turkey soup also makes for an exceptional meal and tastes great served with a fresh crusty roll with some lashings of butter – delicious!


Bubble and Squeak

Another great one for using up those Christmas day vegetables is a classic serving of bubble and squeak. All you need to do is shallow fry your potato, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots and peas. Work everything down in the pan so that the mixture covers the base of the pan.  When the mixture starts to catch, then flip it over and fry the other side. This is a quick and effective side to serve with a sumptuous fry up – you can be sure that the whole family will love this!


In all honesty, sometimes you just can beat a good old fashioned turkey sandwich. But if you want something a bit more exciting than sandwiching some turkey between two slices of Hovis, then how about making a hot and tasty panini? Add some brie cheese and cranberry for a really scrumptious festive delight!

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