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Drinked Inn Competition Review

Back in July we ran our Drinked Inn competition, where we asked everyone ‘Woo woo do you think you are?’ and to create a cocktail which they felt defined their job for the chance to win an amazing cocktail making masterclass. We had some fantastic entries, and it was great to see everyone who entered really taking the time to consider what they felt their job would be if it were a cocktail.

The hardest part was picking a winner from all of our entries, a decision which took a long time and wasn’t taken lightly by myself and Miriam, who between us had the task of choosing the winning cocktail. After much deliberation we finally decided that there could be only one winner; Passion on the Sand as created by Rob Ellerton. Congratulations Rob!

Passion on the Sand

Rob’s cocktail might not be far removed from another classic cocktail with a very similar name to Passion on the Sand, but we loved the idea and the sound of it. In fact, we’d love to knock one up and sample it ourselves. Perhaps we’ll get a chance to do that soon; we know that Rob and seven of his friends or colleagues will get the opportunity to create one when they attend their cocktail making master class!

Here is what Rob has to say about his winning cocktail: “As I work in Supply Chain, we are at the heart of Waitrose and we interact and cover all areas of the Business – just like sand surrounds all countries and islands. We need to passionate about the results of our company and are constantly striving to improve results. I chose Vodka for its strength, representing my department and all the other flavours are the other departments which work closely with us (Commercial, Retail & Finance). The dash of grenadine sits at the bottom of the drink fading as it comes towards the top, this represents Partnership Services who hold up and support the whole business.”

That’s a deep and well thought out cocktail right there.

We were also fortunate enough to work with the great people at Poison Cocktails, who also supplied us with some of their excellent pre-mixed cocktail gift boxes to give to both Rob and one runner up. The cocktail that so narrowly missed out on top spot was The Retail Manager, submitted by Sophie Gold.

Well done to both Rob and Sophie, and thank you to everyone else who took the time to consider and create a cocktail for Drinked Inn! We will hopefully have some feedback and maybe even some photos from Rob’s cocktail making masterclass in the near future.

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