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Carnival Party Colour Psychology Guide

With such a huge focus on colour at the Rio carnival, it’s only natural that you’ll want to ditch the little black dress and dark suit for something a little more outgoing for the upcoming festive carnival party. So why not inject your wardrobe choice with a big splash of colour on the night? It’s the perfect way to celebrate the Rio inspired celebrations, but If you’re unsure what each colour really means, then why not check out our fun Rio inspired psychology guide and make sure you’re wearing the colour that best describes your personality?


A bold statement colour that’s uplifting and radiates a warmth of emotion including happiness, joy and excitement. Orange is the perfect colour for those who have a real enthusiasm for life and risk takers who like to embark on spontaneous adventures. This vibrant colour is also an instant mood booster and celebrated for its impulsiveness and positive vibes. Orange is an extremely popular colour during the Rio festival and will be seen flooding the streets, adorning colourful floats and flashy costumes!



The colour red is often worn by those who exert a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities. It’s perfect for boosting confidence, so if you’re not feeling 100% then a splash of red should do the job and make you feel more outgoing. It’s a strong colour and is ideal for those that love to be the centre of attention.  One of its main qualities is its energising properties, so if you’re looking to motivate yourself or others around you then this one’s for you. Red is perfect to blend with other colours if you’re not feeling particularly daring, so ideal for masks, ties, jewellery or headdresses.



Don’t be fooled by thinking that green is just for those feeling envious! It’s a colour that’s known for its healing and renewing properties. It’s commonly associated with growth and harmony and is a rather dominant colour that’s believed to help relieve the feelings of anxiety, depression and nervousness. It’s the ideal colour to wear to boost a low frame of mind and is considered to carry with it a strong sense of generosity and good judgement. This colour works perfectly when teamed with blue and would make for a fantastic Rio party outfit.



Yellow – it’s bright, cheerful and the colour of sunshine. It possesses the ability to produce a warming affect and is associated with evoking pleasant and happy feelings. Yellow is also known to encourage thought and stimulation and is the ideal colour to awaken confidence and optimism. It’s the most highly visible colour out there, so is the perfect colour to be worn by those who want to attract attention and really stand out from the crowd! It’s a great colour for those who love to be spontaneous and makes for the perfect colour to celebrate a Rio carnival themed party!



Blue is a calming colour that’s associated with natural atmosphere and the colour of the sea and the sky. It’s a colour that’s beneficial for the mind, body and soul and is known for promoting strong feelings of tranquillity. It’s commonly thought of as masculine, but that’s not to say that it can’t be utilised by females! Strong and stable, blue is also known to represent power and is linked to consciousness and intellect. Blue looks fantastic accessorised with shades of green to create a balance – how about working in some accessories with your blue attire?



Combining the energy of red and the stability of blue and signifies royalty and power. It’s also thought to represent wisdom, luxury and ambition, but do be aware that darker shades of purple can lead to gloom and frustration, so if you fancy wearing dark purple, make sure you team it with a lighter shade of purple to counteract this. Light purple is thought to create romantic feelings and evoke nostalgic memories. It’s a rare colour in nature and is often worn by those who are greatly independent or those who like to be shrouded in mystery.



Compassionate, nurturing and loving, pink is a strong and emotional colour that’s related to understanding and sensitivity.  It’s romantic, affectionate and intimate and conveys a true potential for success and is viewed as a sign of hope in psychology and promotes a sense of well-being and a feeling that everything will be okay. Exposure to large amounts of pink have been thought to calm nerves and is worn by those who have a positive outlook on life and those who wish to encourage themselves to become more self-reliant. It’s a stunning colour that lights up a room and is a vibrant colour choice for your festive carnival attire!


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