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Bristol Uni Researchers Find The Solution To Binge Drinking

It can be tempting when out with friends – at the company Christmas party, for example – to take sips from your beverage a little more regularly than you normally would, either as a way to expedite that nice light-headed feeling, in order to feel a little more confident around strangers or simply to get into the party spirit. Unfortunately however we, as a nation, do tend to veer towards binge drinking a little more than we should but fear not, for researchers at Bristol University have come up with the solution to this bad habit of ours.

They have concluded that drinkers consume their beverages up to twice as fast when it is placed in a traditional rounded beer glass. Their solution: have your pint placed into a straight-edged receptacle, of course. The Uni boffins say that it is easier to gauge how much you have drunk when doing so from a straight glass, meaning you are more aware when you’ve had a bit too much too quickly. Now you’ll really be able to go the distance at your Christmas party in Bristol this year. Huzzah!

Dr Angela Attwood, from the University of Bristol’s School of Experimental Psychology, said the findings could help prevent binge drinking: “The ability to pace effectively may be compromised when drinking from certain types of glasses.”

So there you have it, Cameron and Co. Don’t raise duty on a pint of beer and don’t clamp down on strong organic cider, but simply enforce a law banning all rounded glasses. We’ll all be sipping away responsibly on a Friday night at the bar in no time! Of course we wouldn’t want all of the wine drinkers out there to suffer as a result of this law, so we’d only enforce it for the serving of beer (and would perhaps relax it for occasions such as exclusive Christmas parties). Problem solved!

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  1. HURRAY, HURRAY!!! This is the greatest news, Michele! You love R.I. so much that it seems folsioh to love something from a distance, right? I think this is the perfect move for you! I have so many questions, which makes sense since asking them was required in my career. Have you moved yourself and your things already? What about Lolly and Max? And the obvious one, which I sent to you. You’re so right about going after your dream. I moved from Ohio to S.F. for the same reason. Never regretted it. I’m glad your dream includes the FN! If you have ideas about how to badger them, let me know. I still think TC is the way to make them jealous! You could win it!Best of luck to you in all of your dreams.You deserve them! And congratulations on following them. I LOVE people with spirit!!!

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