It’s never too early to book Christmas parties

It is true that Christmas seems to start earlier each year with decorations up in shops in October and festive tunes on the radio before it is even December, but Christmas party planners start much earlier than this.

A number of you are probably still carrying out some excess weight gained over the Christmas just gone, or have presents that are yet to be used, but there are people out there thinking about the next month of festivities.

However, it is a wise decision as the best Christmas party packages do not hang around for long, so to get the best venue and entertainment for your company, group or friends, it is wise to get in there and book early. After all you then have something to look forward to during the dull months of the year.

Rob Hill, owner of Eventa, explained: “We expected a quiet start to the year, but we’ve been inundated with requests for Christmas parties already. It seems people want to give themselves something to look forward to.”

This news follows a bumper year with Christmas party sales in 2009 beating the total set in 2008, as people decided it was more important to celebrate than to be frugal.

The most popular venue for Christmas parties last year was the Scottish city of Glasgow, while south of the border Manchester Christmas parties topped the booking list. However, Eventa arrange Christmas parties in all major cities in the UK.

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