How the Rugby World Cup has Inspired Eventa’s Team Building

   The Rugby World Cup The Rugby World Cup is in full flow. Over its 44 days, some 4 billion people will be watching nearly 4,000 minutes of Rugby action. And already lots has happened to talk about – while it’s been business as usual for champions New Zealand, Japan became part of one of … Continue reading How the Rugby World Cup has Inspired Eventa’s Team Building

John Adair’s Leadership Theory

With over a million people taking the the Action Centred Leadership Programme, John Adair is certainly one of the most powerful figures and theorists on leadership. Born in 1934, he became a professor at Surrey University, focusing purely on leadership qualities and how to lead a team. He was actually the first professor to ever … Continue reading John Adair’s Leadership Theory

Teamwork Theories

We all have our own strengths, personal traits and particular abilities, while working together we can combine our strong points and cover up the holes created by the individual weaknesses. In theory, teamwork is the ultimate solution for solving a task, however it isn’t always as easy as we would like. Having multiple leaders can … Continue reading Teamwork Theories