How many of you have had an office romance? Eventa’s survey has the answer.

What if we told you at least 80% of the people in your office had at some point had a steamy liaison with one of their co-workers? Or that ONE IN FOUR people in the UK has had their way with a colleague at the office Christmas party?

Chances are your first thought would be how disgusting that was, considering the kind of people you work with. But, according to a survey we hosted, a staggering four out of five workers in the UK have had saucy goings-on with a colleague.

This is important to know as we move into the festive season. Especially since, of those who answered yes to having had a workplace fling, more than one in four said that it started at the office Christmas party.

Now might be a good time to have another look around the office – notice any lingering glances? If you do it might be a good idea to start practicing your politest put-down lines for the office party (then again it might be a good incentive to start planning the perfume you’re going to wear on the night).

The Breakdown

We surveyed more than two hundred office workers in the UK and came across some shocking revelations. Here’s what we learned, along with a little expert commentary…

Question 1: Have you ever been romantically involved with a colleague?

YES – 80.65%

NO – 19.35%

As we mentioned, that’s four in five people who have admitted to getting down and dirty with a colleague. But we didn’t stop there… We wanted to know more.

Question 2: Have you ever…





It’s official – more than one in seven of you has done the business with a colleague in the office. Bear that in mind next time you go to grab a stapler from the stationary cupboard. You never know what might have happened on top of that stack of printer paper …

Question 3: Are you currently harbouring an office crush?

YES – 24.88%

NO – 75.12%

Lust. It’s a deadly thing. But you lot don’t seem to care – because almost a quarter of you are pining over a colleague as we speak. Here’s the bigger question though: are your fervent glances about to send you on a one-way flight into the danger zone?

Question 4: Have you had to change jobs due to the fallout of an office romance?

YES – 7.83%

NO – 78.80%

N/A – 13.36%

Apparently not it seems. Less than one in ten of the corporate Casanovas we surveyed said that their fling led to them having to sacrifice their job. Meaning almost four in every five workplace romances has a happy ending (so to speak). In fact…

Question 5: Has the romance in question led to a relationship, engagement or marriage? If so, which?



MARRIAGE – 12.44%

NEITHER – 55.76%

Our survey found that almost half of all those fiery encounters led to an ongoing thing. Better still, more than one in ten of our respondents told us that they ended up marrying their partner in crime. Now ain’t that just the sweetest thing?

Question 6: Was the romance at work premeditated or spontaneous?



N/A – 15.67%

So there you are, 10.30am on a Wednesday, flicking between your quarterly report, client emails, and Facebook. You’re bored out of your mind. Then, suddenly, this pretty young thing appears out of nowhere, drags you into the cleaner’s cupboard and shows you the time of your life. What a pleasant surprise – and that’s how three fifths of you say your workplace hanky-panky started. However, for the other one-fifth, it seems there were more complex schemes at work – now might be a good time to check your shared server for files named plan_to_pull_boss.doc.

Question 7: Did you aim to keep your romantic liaisons secret from your peers?

YES – 63.59%%

NO – 21.2%

N/A – 15.21%

When the tingly haze settles and you’ve had your morning coffee together, the question will inevitably arise: should we tell anyone? One fifth of you chose to keep your dirty little secret zipped up, but almost two thirds of respondents couldn’t help but have a cheeky little brag. Shame on you dirty gossips – have you learned nothing from our office party infographic?

Question 8: When partaking in an office romance did you spend more time getting ready in the mornings to impress said partner?

YES – 49.31%

NO – 36.41%

N/A – 14.29%

And you wonder why people start asking questions. “Hey, your hair looks different … Are you wearing make-up today? … Is that a new tie? …” And so on. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to make an effort, but when colleagues start choking on the perfume you’ve drenched yourself in maybe it’s time to start scaling it back.

Question 9: Would you avoid eye contact with your partner when at work to diminish suspicion?

YES – 37.79%

NO – 48.85%%

N/A – 13.36%

If there’s one way to give the game away, it’s got to be this. There’s nothing more awkward than sitting in a meeting room with a pair of colleagues who won’t look each other in the eye for fear of breaking into giggles – it’s even worse than those “free spirits” in the office that insist on going barefoot. Then again, there’s also not much worse than having to discuss operationalising corporate synergy with someone you spent half of last night doing unspeakable things with.

Question 10: Did your office romance spark into life at the Christmas party?

YES – 25.81%

NO – 60.37%

N/A – 13.82%

In the run up to everyone’s favourite time of year, the knowledge that a quarter of office romances start at the Christmas party is handy ammunition. Make sure to be on guard for touchy-feely fingers and the inevitable Monday-morning debriefing. Because when the Vodbulls have had enough time to mix in your stomach, Bing Crosby’s “Winter Wonderland” has come on the jukebox, and you find yourself stood beneath the mistletoe, your time may come. And if it does, you’ll end up just another statistic in the next Eventa survey!

So here’s the bottom line: most of us just can’t keep our minds on the job. Those of us with the strength of mind to keep our hands to ourselves are in the minority. Managers and bosses take note – your office might not be the well-oiled machine you thought it was. Though it may be well-oiled in another sense…

Life as a fashion blogger… Dawn Higgins interview

dawn higgins 1

As a social media editor, I like to keep up with bloggers who inspire me and who are current.

Dawn Higgins, the owner of is by far one of my favorite fashion bloggers. I started following her Instagram a while back, and I find myself completely inspired with her sense of fashion and the simplicity she portrays through her style. Very rarely you find a blogger who keeps the look classic but simple and wearable at the same time. She does just that. Dawn, once an ex professional international athlete, is now a successful fashion blogger who keeps it real with her look.

dawn higgins 3

Dawn, thank you for talking to me today. Tell me please, what is it that inspired you to blog? How did you get into it? 

I set up a blog one night after watching a film about a blogger and that was that. I was never involved in fashion any other capacity. I have always been into fashion and dreamt of going to London fashion week and thought this was a chance to fulfill those dreams. That scene had always held a great mystery to me since I was very small. I thought I might have something valuable to bring to women. I like women to feel great about themselves so thought this was a chance to get my message across.

You have a great sense of style. I follow your posts because your style is so simple, yet tells so much. How did you become so involved with the fashion world?

Purely through my blog.

On your website, you say that you want women to see that style is not about looking a certain way. What do you mean by that and how important is it for women to know how to dress?

I want women to not feel under any pressure to be a certain person or to dress a certain way. Growing up we had lots of fashion do’s and don’ts’. Those have thankfully disappeared but getting women of a certain age to see that is hard. To change their thinking. I want them to realise their potential. To enjoy dressing, style and fashion whilst they can. Don’t let others determine how you dress or feel in the same sense.

dawn higgins 6

You have so many great outfits, what is your favorite fashion item you own? 

Oh I love lots. I keep things for years and will remain to. I have a little girl who will get to use them all. I love my Céline shoes and handbag. Gucci jacket and my Isabel marant skirts. One of my favorite is a fend cape and an old pair of Gucci shoes. They hold memories for me to. I like that.

You were a successful athlete, now you are a successful blogger. What characteristics do you associate with your success? 

Strong mind, determination and hard work.

dawn higgins 4

Women tend to put a lot of pressure on their body image due to media, what are your thoughts on the fashion world vs body image? 

There will be arguments in everything. We have a role. Some women are born to run, be models, dance, sing etc. That’s just something we have to accept. There will be skinny women and big women. In the fashion world you need to be skinny. Full stop. To be an athlete you need to be fast. To be a singer you need a good voice or the x factor. I think models do an amazing job. They look fabulous in magazines they make you want to look better dress better. Inspiring. Inspired not to be skinny but to dress. It’s a competitive world so if one model decides she doesn’t want to be skinny or work in the industry there are a hundred behind her who will. Fashion is an art to the designers and they want their art to be the best it is and if that’s how they want to show it then that’s just life.

There are many fashion bloggers out there, however rarely do they actually get a great following and get their name out there. What helped you to do so?

 Consistently worked at it. I think I could do a lot better. I’m not very good I have to say at replying to every email or being involved with the other bloggers. I have so much to do. I have 3 children 11,10,4. They keep me very busy.

Who inspires you in your style?

 Music, movies, magazines and love. I just play around with clothes trying things together until I feel good in something.

Throughout your fashion journey, have you met any great fashion icons?

Hilary Alexander, Grazia editors, company, Cosmo editors. I’m hoping to meet Phil Greene soon. We’ll see. Ha. No one like Kate moss thou. I’d like to meet her. I’ve seen a few from afar.

What advice do you have for young women who want to pursue success within their careers?

Work hard. Be strong. Believe in yourself. Discipline. Don’t give up on the first fail. Success takes years and years of hard work. Oh and be nice to others. Treat people as you would like to be treated. But look out for yourself at all times.

dawn higgins 5

Dawn thank you so much for taking the time to chat to me today. Most importantly, thank you for inspiring women to dress with confidence. 

Thank you so much. I enjoyed. x Dawn

Working in the events industry

Asking a bunch of people what they thought about working in the events industry,  majority answered attending parties and staying out late with “fancy people”. This is not entirely wrong, because attending the parties is very important, however event management is so much more than just being at a party and networking. The planning of the party, (as I was about to learn) is not as easy as it seems. Today, I interviewed one of our corporate account managers, Matt Marsland, who has loads of experience in the events industry.


What made you want to study events management?

I was working in an events company, which unfortunately went bankrupt, so we all lost our jobs. I really enjoyed my job, and one of my friends told me to check out with different universities for event management degrees. I did it, I got in and here I am.


What is your current role at Eventa?

Speaking to corporate companies, from big enterprises to SMEs, planning their summer and winter events. The idea is obviously to form that professional relationship; ideally you’d want to have your own set of clients who trust you and with you you build good rapport with.


So what is it actually like to plan so many different events?

It’s like taking on different projects, where by each individual event has its own brief, meaning and expectation. It brings great satisfaction when you start transforming a client’s brief into feasible ideas and finally creating the event itself. It can be stressful and there is sometimes a lot of problem solving involved, however the experience of building up the relationship with a client and seeing the event take place is highly satisfying.


A lot of people want to study event management because they think the job is basically one big party. How would comment on this?

It really depends what type of job you want to get into. There are different departments of event management which you can be part of like sales, event coordinating, the marketing side and so on. When I was studying, I did meet quite a few young people who just came out of school and basically did not have a clue on what they were getting themselves into.


What are the most challenging/enjoyable parts about your job?

Every event is different and therefore can be sometimes challenging to meet the expectations of every client you deal with based upon what is feasible and to budget. The most enjoyable part is seeing the finished event itself and watching people enjoy what you have created.


Going back to your studies, what does an event management degree involve?

It is basically a business degree in an events context, just to make it more relevant; however most of the modules were the same as those from a business degree such as financial studies, entrepreneurship, small business development and others. We did a lot of practical modules which really helped and made it more interesting.


What would you say are the most needed/popular jobs in the events field in today’s market?

I would definitely have to say sales, I mean it’s one of those jobs in which candidates are constantly needed. There is also operations; I mean it really just depends on what field one trains in, because it branches off into sectors. You can get into festivals, conferencing, hotel hospitality, weddings etc.


In your opinion, does Leeds University prepare their students well for the outside world? Do they have internships available or work experience?

Yes, I mean there are a lot of modules about educating students about employment and different companies out there. We also had a lot of guest speakers who were already part of the industry and sort of came to share their experience with us and paint us a picture about what we can expect, or give us some advice. They offered a year of work experience or some sort of internship, however I already had the experience so I did not have to do it. But yes, they do give opportunities and help a lot with guidance and experience.


What would you say to someone who wants to study event management?

I would definitely say that the degree helps you, and people tend to take you more seriously just because you have a degree and that academic background do however think experience is more important.

Lets talk cocktails

When did cocktails become part of our lives?  Where did they come from? Who drank the first ever cocktail and what was it? I have no idea, however 1803 was the year when the first article about cocktails came out. It is not certain where the name cocktail actually came from. One theory is that a female tavern owner used to decorate her drink with tail feathers from her neighbours. Another story is that Coquetel was served to the French soldiers during the American War of Independence from 1775 to 1783. To be honest, it doesn’t even matter. What does matter is that now we have access to them. These tasty colourful liquids which make our life, oh so much sweeter. James Bond drinks them, Carrie Bradshaw drinks them,Tom Cruise in Cocktail shows us what red eye is, even Marilyn Monroe sips on her whisky sours in the Seven Year Itch. Ah the lifestyle of a fancy cocktail drinker, so lush!

james bond

Since we are such cocktail lovers, we decided to come up with a mega fun competition. We are asking you what would your job be as a cocktail!?!  Mine would definitely be a Bellini type cocktail, bubbles, fruits, basically a glass full of fun, colourful and social, as social media is. You don’t have to go really into it unless you want to. What we need is really a description of your cocktail and why you picked it to describe your profession. Not only we will reward the winner with a delicious gift box from Poison Cocktails but we will also give you and 7 of your friends the opportunity to take part in a cocktail making class, you make them you drink them. Here are some examples we came up with.

The Estate Agent

The Tree Surgeon

The Hairdresser

 Click here to find out more and to enter the Drinked Inn competition!

The weirdest interview questions…

Job interviews are hard work, not to mention completely exhausting and kind of scary. I used to feel so knackered after an interview; all the nerves, the anticipation; the pressure….It truly is too much sometimes. So it only makes sense that by being prepared to answer any kind of question, this will somehow cut down on some of the nerves right? Wrong! Every single job interview I have attended in my whole life as a professional person pretty much had the same sort of questions: “Tell us about a situation when…”, “How would you handle….”, “What are your strengths?” etc. Most questions are based on showcasing your previous experience and to see how you would fit in the company. Having been to a fair share of interviews, I learned that confidence is really important and it can definitely mask the fear away. But even if fear disappears, for some reason, in every single interview I find myself reaching a point where all of a sudden I fell, amused, confused or speechless. You know the odd question the interviewee randomly throws in to apparently “see how your personality works and what character you have”.  Confused already? So are we….

  1. If you were stuck on a desert island, what three essential things would you bring with you? I remember the first time I was asked this question: I just laughed out loud. I laugh a lot in general, but this was so funny. I saw absolutely no connection to the job, to my personality or my skills. They say it tests the person’s problem solving skills; for me, it simply made me think about organizing an island party; a really good one. My reply was: water, a good group of friends and lots of good food to have a feast. I got the job.
  2. What is your weakness? This question is so cheesy, beyond pointless really. As if anybody will ever actually reveal their weakness. I used to think perhaps this tests the person’s loyalty and honesty levels, so I sometimes felt stuck between actually revealing a weakness or just sugar coating one of my strengths as a weakness. Honesty is not always the best policy, and most employers are looking for a strength. I used various ones, but asking people around me, I realized that they had the same examples “I work too hard”, “I am too much of a perfectionist”, “I am sometimes a little too focused” blah blah. I wonder what they would do if somebody said “I struggle with punctuality”, “ I have no dress sense”…. Do you think they would get the job?
  3. If you could pick one book character to represent you, who would it be and why? Your success to this question depends on two different things: 1. If you actually read books and 2. what type of books you read. Thinking of the last book I read, Les Mis, I hardly would want to be Fantine; or Cosette for that matter. I would rather be Belle from the Beauty and The beast, and live in that beautiful castle, with a stunning library and lots of shoes….  I suppose this question would reveal personality characteristics as well as who we see as role models, idolise or simply what kind of life we appreciate. I don’t think Belle would be a winner, but one of my friends had this question in an interview and he answered Willy Wonka because he is very passionate about what he did. Impressive, take note!  PS: He did get that job.
  4. Can you deal with offensive humour?  I was asked this question only once. I suppose the pressures of wanting to get the job can overtake everything and you will say yes. Be careful what you agree to. If you think you are not easily offended, then by all means, go ahead. But if you are, you may end up in a very uncomfortable work situation, eventually not being able to put up with it anymore, and end up leaving.
  5.  Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?  I would have no clue what to answer here. I can kind of figure out what it refers to, but which one do I want to be for this particular interview?! Just make it sound good.
  6. What is it like? I mean, I don’t even know how to explain this one. Just NO.
  7. If you were a cake, what would be the ingredients that make the cake and why? Again, what does cake have to do with this IT position I am going for? Anywho, I guess this gives them an insight to who you are. I can think of such an original answer: “Sugar because I am sweet”, “Flour because I stick to what I say I will do” Ok maybe it’s not very original, but I am sure that most people will choose the same ingredients. I mean, how many different ways of making cakes can you think of?! 
  8. If you could have a superpower what would it be and why? What does this have to do with the price of fish?  I would probably say to fly, but how this question would help them choose, I have no idea…
  9. If you only had 6 months to live, what would you do with your time? Hmmmm definitely not be in this interview.
  10. If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare and why? Nothing, because you  will not be invited to my house for dinner! If you do get this question however, go for a sassy dish. Shows you have good taste and like to make a good impression.
  11. What do you think about when you are alone in your car? Do you really want to know?


The list could go on; however I wanted to pick the most common ones. I know that it can be really hard when you are put on the spot, in an interview you really want to do well in. Remember that confidence is everything, sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it.

The top London events you should attend this year


The Taste of London is held in June

Ahh here it is, the wonderful month of June, bringing us sunny days and brighter evenings. The taste of London is happening from the 18th until the 22nd of June. Enter a world of exquisite cuisine and fancy eating. The Taste of London is a showcase of the big city’s best 44 restaurants. Good wine, good food, beautiful weather. Following this, on the 28th June, the Pride in London kicks off with plenty of entertainment for everybody.



Tour de France

This month turns out to be a very sporty and fit month events wise. Let’s start with my favourite event every year, the classiest, most watched tennis event. Of course, I am talking about Wimbledon beginning 23d June and ending on the 6th of July. If you can’t afford the tickets, find a bar where they are showing it, get together with friends and enjoy the sunshine whilst watching the world’s biggest tennis superstars. Tour de France also makes its arrival on the 7th of July, a time where you can see the world’s best cyclists go past London famous landmarks.



Notting Hill Carnival

After sports, there’s comes celebration. I am talking about the Notting Hill Carnival, a 2 day street party and celebratory event where you will no doubt have the best time. Get ready to eat some great food, see amazing costumes and meet loads of people whilst colliding the streets of London.


London Fashion Week

This month is all about style, fashion, design and yes, more style. Let’s kick start autumn with some fabulous shows at London Fashion Week, where we learn about new trends and what we should be wearing. If you can’t make the shows, you can still wear your best threads this month. There will be people everywhere, no doubt so get yourself out there looking sharp. This is a fantastic time for networking. The London design festival continues (13-21) where you can keep up with the latest design trends and have a choice of over 300 exhibitions you can view.



Start the second month of the rusty autumn with yet another tasty treat, the Restaurant Festival. This month is a very active one, with 2 days of the world’s best films BFI London Film festival (8-9 October), the beautiful worldwide known festival of lights, or Diwali, where you can enjoy loads of entertainment, celebrate new beginnings and learn about its cultural meaning. End of October means one thing everywhere around the world and that is HALLOWEEN! I love this part of the year, so many people put so much effort with their costumes and there are candles everywhere and scary props everywhere.


Remembrance Day

5th of November stands for the Fireworks, bonfires and good times. Get out there on the 11th of November for Remembrance Day, watching the Parade and remembering all those who lost their lives in the wars.


New Years Eve in London

Finally, the most wonderful time for the year, yes you guessed it, it’s Christmas. Celebrate the arrival of a new year out and about on the streets of London, where you can be part of a magnificent fireworks show and a great atmosphere. Snuggle up in warm knitwear and coats, sipping hot cocoa take a gorgeous walk around the beautiful London.

The Red Lippy Project Week

Cancer research suggests that cervical cancer is the 11th most common cancer type in women. The fact that we have the opportunity to actually get regular check-ups is a great thing. When detected in time, it can save your life. In fact, cancer research suggests that cervical screening saves approximately 4500 lives in England, every year. I know it can be really unconformable, but your health should always come first. This week is all about raising awareness. The Red Lippy week is about showing your support, raining awareness and being confident in your own skin.

Benefit Cosmetics Giveaways
Benefit Cosmetics Giveaways

We are proud supporters of this great cause, and this year we have teamed up with our friends at Benefit Cosmetics, who are giving us these amazing giveaways consisting of 2 ultra plush lip glosses, 2 hydra smooth lip colors, 2 crease-less cream shadows, 2 long wear powders, valued at £116 (these will be split for two separate entries).  Because this is about raising awareness, we are looking for success, brave stories about somebody you know or know about who beat cancer (regardless of its type) or has had an experience with it which you think is worth mentioning. It’s about coming together as a community and inspiring one another. You never know who reads your story and it may change their life. There will be two stories rewarded. Please send your story at And don’t forget to wear your red lippy this week. xx

PS: Entries end 15th June

A day with Sir Richard Branson

The Virgin Fast Track awards were celebrated last night, 13th May at Sir Richard Branson’s home. We got all the inside scoop from our CEO Rob Hill and director Nick Schuff, who were invited to attend and proudly receive the 100’s award for the fastest growing event company in the UK. This award is extremely important to our company; it shows that hard work certainly comes with achievement.  I managed to have a quick chat to our director Nick Shuff (positioned on the right in the photo) and get some first-hand information about the evening.

Both Rob and Nick have been working together for years, building The Eventa Group and coming up with exciting ideas for growth. They are both extremely down to earth people, so when you will read his answers, you will understand why I say this.

Nick, what does this mean for Eventa?

Nick: It meant a day away from the office, which made me very nervous. I suppose it’s an acknowledgement, a fairly noted achievement; there have been some great companies receiving this award. Rob and I however, don’t really get caught up in this kind of stuff. I mean, you go to these kinds of celebrations and people are basically massaging your ego, it’s not really what we are into, we would rather be at work.

Have you met somebody or heard something throughout the evening which inspired you or stood out the most?

Nick: There were some good themes across the day; what is good about these gatherings is that there is no business handbook to doing what we do. How we got to where we are across ten years has been based a lot on common sense and mutual decision making; so going to an event like this is, makes it more reassuring because you meet individuals who have experienced exactly the same thing.  We picked up on a lot of good things like leading a team well and having a good management team, leading by example; which I think Rob and I do fairly well, I mean we work hard so we expect everyone else to work hard.

Are you happy with where the company is at the moment and the success it has had throughout the years?

Nick: I am satisfied but not enough. I never think we have done enough, I always think we have to do more. I don’t really care about what people think in the sense that I am not much for show. I like to work hard.

Do you enjoy what you are doing?

Nick: I don’t know anything else anymore. This business is like a lifestyle. It’s like your family, you know. I love it.

What do you think of Richard Branson’s success?

Nick: He is very successful, I mean, you almost cannot comprehend how successful he is; you can’t even relate to where he is at. His empire is so vast that I can’t even workout how you would manage that in your head.

 Was there an after party?

Nick: Rob and I drank all day; that was our strategy. I am a believer in enjoying yourself and this day was about celebrating an achievement, and there was a free bar so of course we would drink. A lot of people take themselves very seriously and that’s a bit boring, but it’s good to just have a laugh.

I think it’s interviews like these which always tend to inspire me. We sort of get to a level of success in our lives and then we tend to think, we made it, that we achieved what we were meant to achieve, that finally all our hard work has paid off and now we can just relax. Finding a job which we love and appreciate will open us to continuously push ourselves; because when there is hard work, passion and laughter, success just follows.

The 6 rules you must follow when planning your own party

When it comes to planning your own company soiree, everything can feel a little bit overwhelming. Between organizing the most delicious aperitifs, having a selection of beverages and creating the perfect décor, things can feel a little bit too much. Not to mention the venue challenge! This can be tough because it needs to fit in with all of the above and it must provide a comforting, yet elegant feel for your quests and colleagues to sit back, relax and enjoy. Here are 6 cardinal rules to planning and hosting the perfect office function gathering.

1. Breathe

As with everything in life, we tend to freak out when we feel pressured to perform at a high standard; especially when this involves a professional environment. The number one rule you must always follow in these situations is to take a deep breath and relax. Remember that the organizing is very much part of the fun. Always keep your cool and enjoy your creative flow. Play some music whilst you are trying to get everything sorted. Music helps us relax by distracting our minds from constant cognitive processing, which means your mind will focus on one thing at a time. This will allow you to focus and organize all the important details of the function so that everything runs smoothly.

2. Ze Menu

The food is probably one of the most important features to your collective corporate event. Everybody loves good food to nibble on. Whilst you may want to get ambitious, we absolutely recommend you definitely include the traditional ‘’Cheese platter’’. Although you will most likely be working closely with a catering team, it is really important for you to know and explain to them exactly what you want. The key to a successfully delicious one is to add variety. Everybody loves cheese, so mix different types; blue cheese is a must, aged, soft, feta. Dressing the platter is really important, so always garnish with sweet choices like fresh grapes, dried apricots, figs, cranberries and salty choices like nuts, olives and the selection of meats. When it comes to the breads, again, give your guests a good enough selection. We recommend you provide crackers, pitta breads, spinach bread sticks. You may also add the famous bruschetta, and with this you can get as creative as you wish. (A great recipe is tomato and mushroom bruschetta, dressed in olive oil and garnished with chives). Be sure to spoil your guests with a choice of homemade dips, tzatziki and humus are always winners.

3. Lighting

It is very likely that your guests will prefer to move around and mingle; after all, this is what networking is all about. You want to make sure that the lighting is not too bright so that it will not blind them and make them feel uncomfortable. The desired result should provide a dim and intimate mood. This can be achieved with dim lighting (depending on your venue choice, you will be able to discuss this with the owners) and our fave props, candles. You can be really unique and get in contact with a company who designs handmade candles. However, if you don’t have the time, you can use tea light candles and place them in beautiful long glasses, or in a bowl filled with flowers. You may even make arrangements of the candles being placed in sea shells. To add more versatility, use the long thin candles in used wine bottles. This creates a very Victorian look and an elegant feel to the place.

4. Music

The music you choose to play defines how your guests will feel and their overall disposition. Presuming that this is a semi-formal event with your colleagues and business acquaintances, sounds should be light and mild.  Remember, this evening is about you, your company and your guests enjoying a ‘’little something different’’, with a touch of elegance and lots of beautiful food. Discuss with your event planner on dj’s who will be appropriate for your event. You will most likely create your own playlist, which is great because you will be the main decision maker on this. If this is the case, make sure the sounds give out a relaxing, chilled out vibe, which will be fun enough make your guests feel festive, but relaxing enough to keep them in good spirit. Also, take note that the volume should not be too loud; you definitely do not want your guests to be screaming at each other.

5. Flowers

When it comes to flowers, go big. You should never feel like they are too much. A splash of colour and nice fresh smell will add to the fabulous ambiance. From having been to many functions, you can never go wrong with peony. Try and spice it up with different shades of pink and white peony. They add slight warmth to the room, and brighten up the atmosphere. They are also very very pretty, not to mention quite cost effective and they give a really clean feel to the venue. You can place the peony individually  on each table in small glasses filled with water and perhaps with ribbon around them; or you can just go for the big bunches in which case, go for a simple, cream coloured vase.

6. Drinks

It is always a wise idea to provide your guests with diverse choices of drinks, so make sure the bar is well stocked. We all love a nice refreshing beverage, but some people are just not fans of certain types. Do have a few different choices of wines, perhaps one in each colour and a selection of sparkling wine. You can go for the main spirits like vodka, gin and whisky. However, if you want to make your evening special, you can even create a cocktail for the evening, ‘’The cocktail of the night’’. You can discuss this with the bar staff and perhaps create one together. Depending on the weather, you can decide if you want to make a fruity one or one which gives a cozy, winter feel.  Your guests will really appreciate the efforts you have made to ensure they all have a drink of their choice including a unique cocktail created purely for the evening.


You are ready to begin the party. Everything is now in order and you have everything under control. Let the cocktails poor and the music play, we are having a soiree.

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