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For a long time Bracknell was just another town near the Bracknell Forest. Its historic claim to fame is that it was home to a pub that famous highwayman Dick Turpin called his favourite watering hole. However – in 1949 Bracknell was designated as a new town, kicking off its regeneration that’s carried it into the modern era. Nowadays Bracknell is host to countless prestigious blue-chip companies. From Hitachi to Panasonic, HP to Dell – as well as other prestigious companies like the head offices of Waitrose. And with all of these companies there is a huge demand for creative and exciting office Christmas parties in Bracknell.

At Eventa we think that the traditional ‘works do’, of a few beers after hours in the office doesn’t cut it.  A disappointing bash in the place where you work day-in, day-out? Why do that when you can book something memorable and fantasticin one of Bracknell's beautiful venues. We have a huge range of incredible shared parties in Bracknell, for example a sleek, stylish James Bond themed Christmas party – where you can feel like the world’s most famous super-spy for one night, putting a fresh spin into the Christmas season.

Bracknell Shared Christmas Parties

As you may know, a shared party is where you share the event space with other companies. Especially in a hotspot for business and the blue-chip industries like Bracknell it offers an ideal chance to enjoy some networking at the same time as your festive event. Bracknell are great for smaller teams, as you’re able to party in a larger venue without breaking the budget.

Bracknell Exclusive Christmas Parties

For larger teams, exclusive parties are the way to go. And it’s more than just private hire of the venue space – you also get creative freedom to customise the venue space. We understand that you want an authentic party experience, and that a one size fits all approach doesn’t work when it comes to parties. So when you work with Eventa, we’ll construct your package to your exact specifications. We’ll work to ensure that every aspect of your night goes off just as you want it.

Summer Parties in Bracknell

It’s not just Christmas time when we throw amazing parties in Bracknell. Throughout the year we can arrange corporate events in the Bracknell area. Why not enjoy an Summer party? Imagine a soiree held at one of Bracknell's stunning outdoor venues, sipping a cocktail as the sun beats down? Doesn't it sound perfect? All of of our events provide a perfect chance to escape the office for an incredible experience. Whether it’s summer or Christmas, we do it.

Our team can be reached at 0127 225 078 or, whether you know exactly what you want or you just want to have a chat about what we can do for your festive event in Bracknell.

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