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Close to the naval city of Southampton, Basingstoke is another cheeky city that loves nothing more than to shake off it’s 9 to 5 shackles and party. Making parties in Basingstoke a match for any Reading Christmas party (even London to some extents!) 

Home to a number of companies employing thousands of staff, the Christmas party season always keeps us busy and we always enjoying putting together bespoke and package Christmas parties for our lovely customers in Basingstoke. We have festive winter wonderland parties that will have you feeling like you’re partying in Santa’s luxury grotto. Groovy disco parties that require you know the “electric slide” and a pair of outrageous purple platform boots (not actually required) and swanky high roller casino “fun money” parties that will make you feel like a jet-set socialite. Trust us; we’ve got a variety of parties to suit every company!

So if you fancy celebrating with your co-workers in Basingstoke then you’ll have plenty of different parties to choose from. We also do exclusive parties too, so if you have an idea for a party that you want us to help bring to life – contact us! We love a challenge and we love helping you solve your party planning problems!

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