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Music and Dance

Benefits of Music and Dance

  • Stimulate and engage your team using the energy of music
  • Develop new skills using a mixture of visual, aural and kinaesthetic learning
  • Can easily be brought to your corporate event without logistical issues
  • A fully interactive activity that can be utilised for a variety of purposes such as ice-breakers, energisers
  • Easily adapted to incorporate corporate messages or training into your event

Music brings us all together. Historically, something like drumming worked in a tribal setting to bring people together in villages. And it’s something that’s stayed with us since then. From religious ceremonies to military marches – music is something that can be used to give order.

 In the modern day, using music and dance in a corporate environment opens up a whole range of possibilities for team-building activities.

At Eventa, we fully understand the various applications of music in team-building. One of the real benefits of music team-building events is that it provides a win-win scenario, teams have to work together to create an orchestral sound, so everyone succeeds together, making it ideal if you don’t want a level of competition that some other team-building events offer.

Musical events are great for demonstrating how important team-unity is as they only work in an encouraging environment, where everyone discovers the value of listening to one another and working together.

Flexibility in Music and Dance events

Music events are hugely adaptable as corporate events. Sessions can last as little as twenty minutes, making them ideal as an energiser in a day of meetings. Equally they can function as a longer stand-alone event, perhaps demonstrating a quality essential to your team. For example how each department is reliant on all the others to create a truly orchestral experience.

It’s also an event that can be delivered without any logistical issues, a drumming or boom-whacker event can be transported to any location in the country and can be in and out with minimal fuss or distraction. One of our most popular events is ‘Clap Happy’ where the only instruments are your hands and rubber gloves!

Finally, events like our drumming workshop and book-whacker session are ideal because of how easy they are to pick up. Musical concepts like rhythm are innate, and are therefore easily picked up. It’s a way to build confidence, and makes musical events fun and accesible– even if you have no prior experience.

Working with Eventa

With every-one of our team-building events, Eventa will assign you a member of our expert team. This dedicated event organiser will work with you to establish the aims of your team-building event. Once we have those objectives, we set to work building your perfect team-building package. There’s music for every occasion – and there’s an event for every occasion too. Contact us to get started building your event today! 

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